4 Places to Get Flutter Developers for Hire

Nowadays, you can hire Flutter developer from various places, such as online freelancing platforms and IT outstaffing services. There are plenty of options you have, and although Flutter programmers are in demand today, you can still find plenty of Flutter mobile app developers that are available for hire. Here are 4 places to get Flutter developers for hire:

  • Upwork

Upwork is the place where you can find plenty of Flutter developers for hire with various rates you can choose. They also come from various countries, which include the United States, India, Ukraine, Hungary, Bangladesh, and so on. It’s also one of the best platforms for you to find affordable Flutter developers for hire, which you can hire for your mobile development projects. Many developers also offer additional skills, such as React.js, hybrid mobile application development, Dart, and so on. You can hire Flutter app developers that offer as low as $12/hour.

Aside from hiring Flutter developers based on their rates per hour, you can also find Flutter developers that can work with you per project. So, you will pay for the end product if you want a faster turnaround. You can get your project done in a few weeks at one flat price.

Official URL: Upwork

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform where professionals and business owners can meet and connect with each other. With LinkedIn, you can find plenty of professionals from every country and connect with them on this platform. There are various communication channels you can use to get connected with Flutter developers for hire on LinkedIn, such as through the instant messaging channel, Skype, phone call, email, and many others. Just like any social media platform, you can publish your posts on LinkedIn, and you can join various groups and post your job requirements there.

Aside from being a platform where professionals can meet and connect, LinkedIn can also be a platform for professionals to learn new skills. You can learn plenty of new skills with LinkedIn by finding the right coach or mentor to help you learn them. There are also online courses you can join on this platform, whether free or paid.

Official URL: LinkedIn

  • Guru

Guru is a platform where you can find workers for hire in various categories, which you can use to hire Flutter developers for your mobile app development project. It is a freelancing platform that has been around for years, and it has become one of the most reputable freelancing platforms that many businesses have been using to find talents to work on their projects. You can find many Flutter developers on Guru for as low as $18 per hour with great experience in the field.

Many Flutter developers for hire you can find on Guru will also offer additional programming skills, such as React Native, Swift, Java, and many others. They can develop mobile applications for both the Android and iOS platforms.

Official URL: Guru

  • Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com is another reputable freelancing platform that allows you to find freelancers for hire in various categories. So, you can use this platform if you want to hire a Flutter developer for your project. With Freelancer.com, you can see the rating, rate, country of origin, and skills for each candidate. It’s very easy for you to find high-quality Flutter developers you can hire for your project on Freelancer.com, as you just need to find the ones that have 4.5 stars and above.

You can hire Flutter developers from Freelancer.com for as low as $15 per hour, and you can find many developers who have additional skills, like PHP, Java, React, Node.js, and many others.

Official URL: Freelancer.com


These are the places you can check to get Flutter developers for hire. These platforms will allow you to browse through many Flutter programmers you can hire to help complete your mobile development project. You can also pick the ones according to your requirements, qualifications, and rates.

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