5 Aggressive Marketing Tactics You Should Know as a Business Student

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What is the backbone of every business? As a student majoring in this field, you should know that it is not sales or profit, but actually acquiring new customers. After all, if there is no flow of new clients, there is no revenue.

But, here is a thing – as the business landscape gets more and more competitive, winning over customers and, most importantly, retaining them becomes more challenging than ever. That’s where entrepreneurs have to get creative with their marketing strategies. And that’s where different types of marketing step in.

Inbound vs. Aggressive Marketing

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So, inbound marketing is basically an organic way to attract new customers. It spans all organic methods of helping potential clients to find your brand with ease when they already have an interest in what you have to offer.

Aggressive advertising is much different. The name speaks for itself – it spans more forceful and immediate methods that potential customers just can’t ignore. Simply put, such tactics are aimed at urging prospects to click or perform another action immediately to learn more about your offers and make a purchase.

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Aggressive Marketing: Top 5 Must-Know Tactics

Now that you know what it stands for, you are probably wondering if aggressive marketing actually works. In fact, it does!

We won’t sugarcoat it – consumers find different immediate ads rather annoying. Nevertheless, if done wisely, such a strategy can be extremely effective. So, now, let’s look at the top five aggressive tactics that you need to know.

Targeted Telemarketing

Cold calling is one of the most well-known and popular aggressive advertising tactics. But, here, we make emphasis on “targeted”.

Simply calling random consumers won’t get you far. However, if you did prospect research right and know who exactly you are trying to reach and what message you want to deliver, that’s where miracles happen.

Comments on Social Media

Another popular method of acquiring new customers is by leaving an abundance of comments on the web. This tactic is also considered to be aggressive.

However, don’t confuse leaving comments with generating lots of comment spam. The second one won’t do any good for you. Yet, if you can leave comments that actually make sense and bring any value, it is a great way to get your brand noticed quickly.

Contests and Giveaways

These two methods have become rather common today, in the era of social media. Both individuals and businesses use these tricks to create some buzz around their names, and it works.

Creating a branded contest or giveaway (or participate in one as a partner) is a quick way to get lots of new subscribers in literally no time. Although it is not too good for gathering leads since these new subscribers are not particularly interested in you, it is an effective strategy for creating widespread awareness.

Promotional Emails

It may surprise you, but creating mass email campaigns is another form of aggressive marketing. Sending out promotional emails to a well-targeted list of recipients is a great way to generate lots of quality leads that have the potential to convert.

Just like pop-ups and other ads, promotional emails do seem rather annoying to prospects. Nevertheless, this tactic works. Thus, it is also worth knowing.

Referral & Affiliate Marketing

Another must-know strategy spans referral and affiliate programs. What’s so aggressive about them, you may wonder? Indeed neither a referral nor affiliate program is aggressive on its own. 

However, what both programs do – they activate an army of affiliates and referrals who will do all the work for you. And, often, they rely a lot on aggressive marketing. In any case, these strategies also work.

The Bottom Line

Whether it is for launching your first startup, promoting a personal brand, or just expanding your knowledge in marketing, the tactics we shared earlier will definitely come in handy for business students. Each of these tactics has been tested by time and many different businesses. Thus, knowing about them is well worth it, regardless of your purpose.

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