5 Effective Rewriting Strategies for Content Writers

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Quality content is what separates a good website from a bad one. There are literally billions of websites out there that cater to the needs of both small and large businesses and if you want yours to do good as well, you will have to pay sufficient attention to the content you are sharing on the site.

For your content to be of any value to the search engine, you will have to make it relevant, unique, readable, and without any plagiarism.

If you have some article to write but you are not very well informed about the topic and the same content is already posted on some websites, you can use rewriting techniques to generate new content using sentence paraphraser – SEO tools centre with existing articles with ease.

Following are some of the most effective strategies for rewriting any type of content you want.

1. Search Various Sources

If you are really serious about producing plagiarism-free and informative content, you will have to visit several websites and then write the content by taking important information from all of these and putting it together.

Searching from more than one source gives you more flexibility and allows you to understand the topic at hand better. Different articles discuss the same topic at various levels and you can use that to come up with either basic or advanced versions of the topic.

2. Make It a Conversation

While writing, imagine as if you are addressing someone directly and you can actually see that person or group of people. This gives the readers a sense of importance and they actually end up reading the whole thing.

Using conversational writing along with the right tone such as formal, informal, playful, or intimate, etc can help you engage your audience better and make your content stand out from the rest.

3. Using Appropriate Synonyms

As we have said, since there is a myriad of websites related to the same topics and that is why it often becomes very hard for writers to come up with something that hasn’t already been written. However, you can use the appropriate synonyms to avoid this problem.

Synonyms are words that convey the same meaning and you can use these to make your content diverse and more valuable. Just remember to not overdo it since that might sound robotic.

Using uncommon words when you have plenty of other easier options available in any online thesaurus, will make reading hard and the people will leave the site after reading a few lines, So, avoid this temptation at all costs.  

4. Use Quotations and Citing

While rewriting content it is always a good idea to cite the source by mentioning its name and publishing date at the end. This allows the readers to confirm what you have written.

Citing the source informs the search engine that you have followed the right protocol and thus you don’t run the risk of having plagiarism in your content.

Another effective way of avoiding plagiarism while rewriting is by using quotation signs around the sentences that are formerly said by historical leaders and other writers.

Forgetting to put the quotation signs and mentioning the name of the source in front of it, can lead to plagiarism and decrease the value of your content, and that consequently affects your website traffic.

5. Use Plagiarism and Paraphrasing Tools

These tools are the most admired ones among the content writer’s community around the globe. Plagiarism checking tools allow you to determine if some lines or paragraphs are already posted on some site or not.

These tools tell you exactly what lines are similar and then you can use paraphrasing tools like this website to come up with new ways to convey that same idea.

These tools are available in both free and paid versions and they are quite effective in producing SEO-friendly content to attract more traffic.

These tools can make rewriting a piece of cake for both the skilled and newbie content producers and we advise you use these to make your content more interactive.    

Final Words

Coming up with new ways to express an existing idea or material is a big part of being a professional content writer and you need all the help you can get if you really want your content to be one of a kind.

Knowing the right methods for rewriting content using SEOMagnifier – sentence changer semi-automatic tool can save so much of your time and energy and can actually make this whole process a lot more fun and rewarding for you.

So, consider using the above-mentioned tips for producing unique and plagiarism-free content and have a more fulfilling writing experience.   

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