5 Reasons Why You Should Have An Internet Connection

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You might be surprised to learn how many people are still offline. At the end of 2014, around 2 billion people had no internet connection whatsoever. That’s approximately 35% of the world population who hasn’t even experienced what we all take for granted: online shopping, social media, and email. It’s not surprising that countries like China and India have such a high percentage of people without an internet connection: in both countries, there is a general lack of access to computers and smartphones.

In the US, we have seen the inclination of people towards internet connection and they want the best possible internet. You can find many popular ISP’s like Spectrum Internet, COX internet, Xfinity Internet, AT&T internet, and many more. 

There are multiple reasons and benefits of an internet connection. In this article, we will highlight the 5 most important reasons for having an internet connection. Unless you  can live off of just what your land provides, you can’t live without an internet connection. There are so many reasons that having a strong internet connection is important for you and anyone else who lives with or near you.

Internet Keeps you Connected  

You must be aware of the condition Around The World that was caused due to covid-19 and how we had to stay indoors.  Though the world is turning back to normal conditions there are still countries that are practicing social distancing,  and we are not sure how long it will stay the same. 

When all the ties from the outside world were cut off, the internet kept everyone connected with their loved ones.  All eyes are functioning in fast mode, and people barely get time to spend with their loved ones.

Through the internet, you can keep your loved ones updated about your life and you can also interact with them no matter how busy you are. The Internet is the best source for connectivity because this is an era of social media where you can connect to people around the world.

Internet is the Ultimate Marketing Tool

You know that there is a whole world that exists in the online medium and if you want to thrive,  you need an internet connection.  You need the internet to market your services or your business because it is an ultimate tool for marketing and all the social media platforms that are available online including,  Facebook,  Instagram,  and Twitter,  are being used as marketing tools. 

People are moving towards online mediums to display their skills and attract more customers from around the world.

Internet is the Primary Research Tool 

This is the era of limitless information,  people who are aware of researches that are being done in their field,  are considered to be more valuable than the others. The Internet is a research tool that you can use to stay more aware of current scenarios and studies that have been made in your area of interest.


Internet Makes You Agile and Mobile

The Internet is important for smart work because it offers you opportunities that take less time and you can perform your task quickly. There are many software available online which you use at your workplace and your Educational Institutes so you can perform your task in time,  by taking help from these available free software.

The Internet Keeps Your Business Current!

Everything is changing very rapidly, and one needs to have market knowledge if he wants his business to progress properly. To stay updated about the current trends in the market, the internet is the best option because it provides you with all the latest information.


Having an internet connection is a must in today’s world. There are so many things you can do with an internet connection, from checking emails to watching videos on YouTube. You can never know when you’ll need internet access, so it’s best to have one as soon as possible.

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