6 Scroll-Stopping Tips to Make Your Social Media Videos Shine

Social media is the most significant platform to market your business. Most businesses are thriving only because of social media marketing. As compared to conventional marketing, it is inexpensive and more rewarding. 

What makes a video shine on social media? Top-notch visuals and excellent content! How to ensure the best visuals? Get Promo’s online video maker and get inspired with many templates. It offers you a range of tools to make unique and quality content. Most importantly, it is one of the easiest online video editors in the biz.

Once you have a powerful online video maker, you need to understand your audience. You have to present the content perfectly to grab their attention. Unfortunately, the attention span of internet users is too low. You have to think out of the box to keep them on their toes. In this blog, we will talk about 6 ways through which you make people watch your content on social media.

Include Human Touches

Humans are attracted to other humans. While creating a scroll-stopping video, the first thing is to add a human face. The fusiform face area (FFA) supports a human visual system that helps in facial recognition. When a human face appears in front of a person, they are bound to stop and look at it.

When you want to grab attention, you have to include a human face in the initial few seconds. If you are struggling to get clicks, adding a human face in the thumbnail can help you get more clicks.

While applying this rule in your video, you need to make sure that you are not overdoing it. It must appear natural. Otherwise, the viewer will not hesitate to scroll away.

Begin With a Catching Element

When it comes to creating a video, the initial few seconds can make or break it. The first few seconds decide if the video goes viral or not. Most people click a video and leave it immediately if they don’t find a reason to continue watching. Begin your video with a hook. Give them a reason to stay on your video.

With time, our attention span has become lower than ever. Before smartphones, we used to have an attention span of 12 seconds. Now, it has come to eight seconds only. Some studies suggest that Millennials are more efficient at cutting their attention from unnecessary information. It means that they don’t have shorter attention spans. Actually, they want to get to the point quickly.

This research gives you key information regarding how to create videos. It highlights that you need to offer something to the viewer at the beginning of the video. Otherwise, they are going to scroll away.

Include Captions

This is the most important point to ensure that everyone watches your video. Most people watch social media videos without sound. Now, you have to find a way to share your message without sound. How to do that? Captions are the best answer.

More importantly, most social media videos will silently auto-play. If you want to stop the audience from scrolling away, you have to get their attention before they turn on the volume.

Here it is important that your thumbnail should have text as well. It allows people to click on your video and watch it. While adding captions, if you have the budget to get a professional service, go for it. Otherwise, you can use your script to add animated text.

Use Colors Carefully

Yes, bright colors attract people and they are more likely to watch your video. However, you need to consider more options. Choose the colors wisely and remember the social media where you will post the video. Try to use a color combination that works better on social media.

For instance, Facebook or LinkedIn use white and blue colors. Now, you can use green or red shades to create a perfect combination.

Use Precise Content

During the planning and finalizing of the script, you need to decide on a precise opening, intermission, and end. Each part of your video should offer something to the viewers.

As mentioned before, you have to think out of the box to keep the user attentive. Once they lose attention, they will not think twice about leaving the video.

While planning the video, you must be clear about the goal. Plan the video accordingly and keep it as short as possible.

Video Aspect Ratio

Now, you need to consider the platform where people will be watching your content. For instance, if they watch on a desktop, you need a high-resolution video. If they are using a mobile device, you shouldn’t go with a landscape video. Probably, the best idea is to use vertical or square videos.

For instance, many publishers create both landscape and square videos. They upload the relevant video on the right platform. It ensures that you deliver the message perfectly.

The best way is to visit the platform and read the aspect ratio for different devices. Follow the guidelines. An online video maker should be able to convert the video for various platforms. All you have to do is to select the platform and it will do the rest.

Conclusion On Using an Online Video Maker For Social Media

Social media is very powerful in many ways. If you can learn how to grab the attention of viewers, you can sell or promote anything.

Following the above-mentioned tips will help you create an excellent video. Create an attractive thumbnail and make sure your video has captions. More importantly, it should be optimized for different devices and platforms.

Using an online video maker, you can easily make adjustments. Moreover, you will find additional options to enhance your video. With bright colors and stock footage, you can make people watch your entire video sitting on the edge of their seats. 

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