Applications that Will Come in Handy on Every Android Phone

One of the best inventions of the 21st Century has been the smartphone. Smartphones have revolutionized every aspect of life, from business to civil service, to education. We can actually say that smartphones have made things easier and life in general more exciting. Previously before you could browse and surf the Internet, you must own a laptop or desktop. But presently all you need is a good smartphone and a strong internet connection, and you can browse the Internet. 

These days some people actually work remotely from home, and they do that using a smartphone. The Covid-19 outbreak actually brought new realities to bear. Some of which includes working from home. So most people now actually work from home using smartphones. This is actually the case of most content creators who make amazing content using their smartphones, because of its relative affordability, when compared to other PCs, desktops and laptops. Smartphones can be seen with more than a quarter of the world’s population.  In Third World countries the emergence of smartphones has had a tremendous effect on both the business and other aspects of the people’s life. The importance of smartphones in this present dispensation can never be over-emphasized.  

There are different types of smartphones based on their OS (operating system). There are Android smartphones, Windows smartphones, iPhones, Linux smartphones and many others, but in the context of this article we will be focusing solely on Android smartphones. Android smartphones are smartphones that use Android as its operating system. Examples of them include Samsung, Techno, Gionee, Oppo. Android smartphones are relatively cheaper and easy to operate when compared to others hence its popularity. Now even though your Android smartphones have uniquely inbuilt features that makes it easily comprehensive. 

There are still certain few apps that ought to be in your Android smartphone. These apps not only optimize your Android smartphone, they also guarantee a better user experience for the owner. They include the following:

  • PLEX: The Plex app which was developed fourteen years ago by developer Elan Feingold, is an app that helps you organize your videos, music, and pictures in a single server. With the Plex app it becomes easy to stream your favorite movies, talk shows, series, and music from your computer to your Android smartphone.  Plex works just like other streaming platforms such as Netflix but with little variation. Plex helps organize your pictures, videos, music making it easily accessible to you.

  • VPN: VPN which means virtual private network, is one of the best measures to implement to secure your Android smartphone from cyber threats especially while surfing the Internet. With mobile VPN App you can also unblock restricted sites and blocked apps. This shows how important a VPN is to your smartphone. VPN ensures your online security by keeping you hidden while you browse the Internet or conduct any business transactions online. By keeping you hidden, VPN ensures that hackers do not have access to your smartphone as you browse. So in this present dispensation of cyber threat and data theft, having an app that ensures your cyber security should be your topmost priority. 


  • UPWORK: Upwork which is arguably the best freelance app, is a necessary app that should be in your Android smartphone especially if you are business oriented. Upwork can be said to be a digital market platform where buyers and sellers meet. Upwork is designed in such a manner that it caters for the needs of both clients and freelancers who are looking for work opportunities. So if you are a freelancer who wants to make money while controlling his or work schedule then Upwork is definitely for you. And if you are a person looking for individuals with specialized skills then Upwork can also help you find them. All you have to do is simply download the Upwork app to your Android smartphones and sign up.


  • POCKET: Pocket is a very handy app that you should install in your Android smartphone. With Pocket it becomes possible for you to save any news and articles you find interesting from any website and browser, so that you can read it at your own leisure time. Pocket app also helps you to block unwanted Ads that always pop up when you are reading an article.

  • VLC PLAYER: Even though all Android smartphones come with an inbuilt video player. It doesn’t negate the fact that you need a VLC player app in your Android smartphone. A VLC player is like an all-in-one app that comes with many features that might not be available in your inbuilt video. With a VLC player you can download subtitles of a movie you are watching, play web streams and also stream contents. So a VLC player is another necessary app that should be in your Android smartphone especially if you love watching movies. So ensure you download a VLC player today.


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