Are There Cameras In Movie Theaters?

Are There Cameras In Movie Theatres

A trip to a movie theaters can be a cool way to spend the evening with friends and loved ones. There are many things you can consider if you are looking to have the best experience that is! You need to factor in things like the distance of the theaters, the cost of the tickets, the movie being shown, security, the snacks on offer and the likes. However, there is one thing only a few people may have at the back of their mind during a visit to a theatre and that is “are there cameras in movie theaters?”. We will attempt to answer this and a few other questions you may have.

Are there cameras in movie theaters?

Yes, sometimes there are. This is not to record the customers but for surveillance. These cameras may not typically be the night vision type even though several theaters use night vision goggles to ascertain if there are any violations involved in the alcohol control laws.  It is basically to ensure that minors do not consume liquor and also to keep a record in case a minor comes to the movie theater drunk and claims he got it from the theater. It is also useful for recording possible accidents to be presented to insurance companies. And finally, it useful in controlling people who may want to text or record a movie.

Can I Use A Camera In A Movie Theater?

No, you cannot. There are several reasons why you should not go to a movie theater with a camera chief among which is the fear of copyright piracy. It is therefore advisable that you turn off your camera devices while in the hall or better still leave it at home.

What Are The Things I Should Never Do At A Cinema?

There are several unwritten rules associated with visiting a cinema, these rules may not be written, but they are adhered to by sane people. The fact is that your actions at a cinema may have a rather telling effect on other people hence the need to be mindful of the same. Here are a few things you should remember when you are heading to see a movie:

Don’t get there late

Don’t get there late

You should know that arriving late for a movie affects everyone and not just you alone. This is because you will miss the start of the movie which is usually quite important. In addition to this, you run the risk of causing commotion in the hall with your movements.

In this case, if you do arrive at the cinema late, ensure that you do not waste too much time trying to locate your seat. In most instances, you do not need to go about with your phone torch trying to locate your seat, simply grab the nearest available seat.

Turn off your phone sound

Phones can be a huge distraction at a movie theater especially when the ringer goes off. It is therefore advisable that you put the ringer on silent mode before the movie begins or while on your way to the movie theater. You certainly do not want to face the wrath of the audience should your phone ringer go off.

In addition to the phone being on silent, you also need to be in silent mode as well. I know it can be quite tempting to have a chit chat with your neighbor or fiancé, but this can be pretty annoying. Also, if you are the type that eats loud or likes to move around with big feet, you may need to reconsider while at the movies.

Don’t sneak food in

It can be quite tempting to want to take along that delicious homemade pie or chicken wings. However, you should know that aside from this being wrong, it can leave a smell behind which should discomfort those around you. It is therefore advisable that you stick to the theater food and if this is too expensive for you, you can certainly do without food for 2 hours.

While you are this, also ensure that you do not leave behind any trash at all. It does take nothing out of you to take along the trash and toss it into the nearest trash can. This should help reduce the workload on the maintenance guys as they prepare for the next movie.

Avoid taking along kids except you have to

Nearly everyone loves kids; they are adorable, cute and sometimes funny. But they can also be a mess sometimes. They scatter things, make a lot of noise and they are usually not patient enough to sit through a movie. It is therefore advisable that you do not go to the movies with a toddler. They will ruin your movie theater experience.

Treat the facility with respect

As much as the theater is designed to give you the maximum level of comfort and enjoyment, you must remember that it is not your home. If you are a tall person, you must prepare your mind that you may not be getting as much leg space as you would desire at the cinema. In the light of this, ensure that you do not kick the sit in front of you.

Tips For An Awesome Movie Theater Experience

If you intend having an awesome time at the cinema, then you may want to pay close attention to the following tips:

Purchase your tickets in advance

If you are looking to beat the usually busy crowds at movie theaters you have to book advance movie tickets. It can be pretty annoying when your long-anticipated blockbuster comes out only for you to meet the ‘sold out’ sign in front of the cinema. Also, you do not want to experience the horror of having to stay in a long line to get your ticket. So if you seek to save yourself time and energy, you should consider booking your ticket in advance.

Get to know more about the movie

This is not saying you should give yourself a spoiler, but its only ideal that you know what’s going on in a movie. You need to know the kind of movie you intend taking your kids or spouse or colleague to see, it certainly makes sense if it suits the occasion.  You can see trailers of the movie online or simply go checkout movie reviews online to have a better feel of what you are getting yourself into.

It is also quite easy these days to search out information regarding what a movie has to offer in terms of twists in the plot. You don’t want any surprises in the middle of the movie with contents that may not tally with your requirements. By arming yourself with the right information in this regard, you should be able to dodge a bullet or two in this regard.

Keep your mouth busy

Keep your mouth busy

With over two hours of movie time, it is only quite natural that you would want to have something in your mouth from time to time. Most movie theaters always have enough supply of popcorn, soda, and chocolate. Without a doubt, your theater experience is never really complete without the involvement of your mouth.

Comfort is a must

If you are considering going to see the movies with a large number of people, the comfort and enjoyment of each one should be a priority.  It’s not enough to know that everyone is satisfied with the theater and movie; you need to check periodically on them. This is especially more important in the case of people with disabilities and children.

Whatever the case may be, it is imperative that you factor in a bit of planning and this is where the right choice of theater can make the difference.

Leverage on Loyalty programs

If you are the type that makes going to movie theaters a habit then you should know that you are entitled to some rewards. Several programs allow you to garner points and inch closer to rewards on every visit.  Some of these rewards include free snacks, free tickets, and drinks while some programs give you advance notice of upcoming events and movies.

You could also save money through several other channels such as discounts for students, veterans, and military members. This would, however, necessitate you to come along with a valid means of identification. Also, organizations looking to get some time out at the movies may be entitled to discounts if they are looking to buy in bulk.

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Take Home

Are there cameras in movie theaters? By now you know the answer to that question. Also, we believe by now you know the things you need to do to have an awesome experience at the cinema. Whatever the case may be, ensure that you are properly guided before your next visit.

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