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Hey, my name is David Huner, a Tech Lover who has written thousands of tech articles for different high authoritative sites earlier and gathered great knowledge on this category. I was graduated from The University of Phoenix-Bachelor of Science in Business and Finance. Also I have an Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Cleveland Institute of Electronics. I like to write about different tech ideas the most. Also, I like to test different types of gadgets and write reviews on them. With my huge knowledge in this field, I started this blog to provide you the most informative and accurate tips and tricks. Keep reading and enjoy it!

Why Is SEO Important For Business

Why Is SEO Important For Business?

SEO is perhaps one of the most misinterpreted and misunderstood terms as far as the world of marketing is concerned. The negative perception people...

Are Apple Headphones Waterproof

Are Apple Headphones Waterproof?

Wait a minute; are Apple headphones waterproof as many claims? Well, Apple has an eye for quality. So, anyone would expect all their brands to come...

How Long Will Apple Support iphone 8

How Long Will Apple Support iphone 8?

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