10 Best 123movies Alternatives That 100% Work In 2020 (Updated)

10 Best 123movies Alternatives That 100% Work In 2020(Updated)

There are quite a several websites out there that promise you free movies with high-quality content but only end up bombarding yours with malware and advertisements. For several years now, 123Movies has been the exception. This is because it offers its users a unique collection of movies sourced from several parts of the world.

One may want to ask if 123movies is the best streaming site in the world and this is why we took up the challenge to test certain websites like 123Movies. In doing this, we arrived at a list of the best 10 alternatives to 123 Movies.

However, before we bring you the list, it is only important that we know what 123movies is all about and what makes it as popular as it currently is.

What Exactly Is 123Movies?

This platform was launched back in 2015 and reached about a hundred million users during its peak period. The site was however shut down back in 2018 by the Motion Picture Association of America. These actions caused a lot of ripples in the world of streaming.

One of the major challenges with 123Movies clones is that they usually do not have a quality that is close to what 1233Movies has. Many of them feature rather annoying ads and links to several malicious websites. As a result of this, several former users of the platform have since pitched tents with other websites.

How Safe And Legal Is 123Movies

The legality of websites such as 123movies is thoroughly guided the laws governing the locality. In this regard, each country has its peculiar laws with each one being different. Some countries allow streaming and are even not regulated in that regard. There are however some countries such as Germany or the United States where streaming is defined as not legal. Therefore, if you don’t want to fall short of the laws of where you are, you must investigate or consult a professional in your country.

Some Of The Best 123Movies Alternatives


GoStreamPerhaps you are tired of the annoying ads that pop on the different streaming apps online. If you belong to that category, this is the ideal 123Movies alternative you should go for. It’s wonderful to note that GoStream has everything ranging from childhood classics and Hollywood blockbusters. All that is required of you to do is to locate something interesting is to check out the constantly updated contents. Here you will find recently release movies and you may also navigate to find something specific.


FMoviesThis list certainly won’t be complete without FMovies being in it. This is one of the oldest and most prominent streaming platforms. This platform has a specialty for movies that were released since 2009 and is also a place to get the best content in terms of quality. The unique thing about FMovies is that you can control the movie player of the website by simply using keyboard shortcuts. For instance, you could click on space if you want to select a pause for a movie. You can also enter the full screen when you click on the F key among other shortcut functions.


This platform may not be as popular as the other platforms out there, but it still ranks as one of the best 123Movies alternatives out there. The reason for this is that the platform functions quicker and comes loaded with movies covering different genres. The coolest thing about this platform is that movies become available on the platform even before they feature on other popular platforms. This is a clear indication that the managers of the platform are committed to making it better. The major issue with this platform is the annoying pop-up windows that appear when you click on a movie. To solve this, you can always install a pop-up blocker.


PrimewireThis website may not be the best out there but it still does a great job. For people who like things old fashioned and original, this is the ideal website for them. The site has remained the same and has not seen any major change over the past few years. Without a doubt, what matters most in this industry is content and they don’t disappoint in this regard. What’s more? The platform also comes loaded with movies that cover all genres and styles. It also has a unique feature that lets you come up with your playlist which you can share with friends and family.


PopcornflixPopcornflix has you covered if what you want is TV shows, movies, video entertainment, and the likes. The site comes with content from The Pet Collective, FailArmy among others. Here you will always have something interesting to watch. The contents on this platform are updated every other day and they are categorized as well.


YesmoviesEvery true movie lover always says yes to a good movie. That is why Yesmovies is the right place to be for genuine movie lovers. The site is designed in such a way that it allows its users to rate the movies contained therein and the ratings get displayed on the first page. What this means is that you will be able to check the movies that are worth viewing. Most of the content on this platform is available in HD however you may see contents of another format. It should be noted that the website does not host any file on its servers.


PutlockerThis ranks as one of the foremost platforms that serve as an alternative to 123movies and they have a few similarities. To begin with, they can both be recognized with the gray and green color scheme. Also, both websites do not contain excessive amounts of annoying as which may affect the quality of the user experience.  The platform is loaded with thousands of TV shows and movies that you can easily access from any part of the world.  It also comes designed with a search bar on the right-center part of the page which makes searching for content easier.


NiterThis platform requires that you create a customer account for you to be able to access the movies contained therein. The process of doing this usually takes less than a few moments.

The site allows you to find the things you may be interested in based on what your profile says and where you want to go to.


CmoviesBefore you use this platform, you should get an adblocker if you do not want your search interrupted all the time. This site offers you several entertaining movies by simply searching using your desired criteria. It’s certainly a site worthy of a trial.


The final site on our list is Movie4U. This is a platform that allows you to locate your desired movie within a short while. It comes designed with a search engine at the top part of the screen where you can find the movie of your choice. Also, you may search for movies based in the year they were released. The platform is loaded with enough movies to keep you entertained for a while.


You have enough choice to help you locate the ideal alternative to 123movies. All you need to do is try out the options highlighted here. There is nothing to lose!

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