The Best Smart Cool Vehicle Gadgets For The New Year

The Best Cool Vehicle Gadgets For The New Year

Newly-released vehicles today come with cool vehicle gadgets that can be practically and aesthetically appealing but they still don’t contain all the coolest gadgets you will love to have. You may want to be selective in your choices because not all gadgets will work and fit into your brand of the vehicle as some gadgets are branded and conditioned to work for certain cars only.   If you are planning to dress up your vehicle this year with the coolest gadgets, look no further than those highlighted below;

Car Dash Cam

Car dashcam has been used for a while but it became more popular a few years back. This is a useful vehicle gear that comes with a digital camera that can be mounted on a dashboard to ensure safety on the road. The dashcam can record everything in front of your car for several hours. It can serve as a useful tool in the investigation of the cause of an accident. This is a must-have device for all car users.

The Car Jump Starter

The jump starter kit is one of the must-have gadgets in your car, this new year. Your car battery may die at any time, but with the car jump starter, another driver can help by clamping the two batteries of the car to restart your battery.  Don’t become stranded in the middle of anywhere, get a jump starter now.

The Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder

This is another cool gadget you will appreciate for its functionality. As a driver, there are occasions you are pressed to use the phone while driving. Though it is against driving rules the magnetic phone mount is quite effective in helping you do things quickly on your phone without much distraction. From playing music to navigating from one feature to another, there are so many things you can do via the help of his magnetic mount.

The GPS Tracker

The GPS tracker is not new, it is one of the most car gadgets used in the last few decades. GPS trackers have become more sophisticated and effective; hence you should consider an upgrade. With the GPS tracker, you can find your travel destination and you can track the location of your car at any time. A GPS tracker can help prevent the sealing of your car and in many cases, it can also help track the location of your children or friends if they are connected to the device. New and modern GPS will allow a car owner to set up a Geo-fence ha will inform the driver if your car is going beyond a pre-determined place.

The Hand Vacuum

You don’t have to wait until the general car cleaning schedule period before cleaning your car, the car vacuum can help you clean on the go. It is quite handy and easy to use- these are the reasons why you should own it.

It is designed to keep your car interior clean, and it can withstand medium to heavy usage to a large extent.   It is built with a cyclonical action to ensure the filter remains clean always. It comes with a great suction pressure to suck up particles of varying sizes and comes with a nozzle that will reach the nooks and crannies of every part of your interior. The device is very light and easy to maneuver around your car interior.

The Car Key Finder

If you remember how many times you have lost valuables worth thousands of dollars, because you misplaced your keys, you will surely want to invest in this cool and essential gadget. Car keys are some of the most commonly-misplaced items in the world today, but thankfully, a key finder can help you track your car key in a few seconds. Most key trackers rely on Bluetooth connectivity to locate your car keys. There is a Bluetooth tile in-between the loop of the rings of the car key, making it easier to track the location of the key. You can install the key finder app on your smartphone and put it on to rack the key

The Car Air Purifier

Improving air quality is important especially when you are driving into an unfamiliar region. You can simply plug this little air purifier into the port of your cigarette lighter. With this device plugged in, you can enjoy better air quality wherever you go. This device is not one of your typical car air fresheners, this device will cover up and also eliminate bad odor from the interior of your car.

The technology behind the working of this device is to release negatively charged ions that will stick to tiny particles of dust and microbial organisms in the air, and then collect these charged particles on a positively charged plate inside the purifier for easy removal. Odor like dog wastes can be effectively removed through this mechanism from your car. This device improves your overall hygiene and it is compactly built to fit into any car.

The Smart Car Charger

You probably have a car charger by now but if it is not the smart charger, you should consider replacing it. This is a clever gadget that offers a wide range of features. It charges your devices at a greater speed than your regular car charger, and it will also save your current car location and display it on a map to help you find your way. The device can also record mileage and battery state


There are many other cool gadgets you should consider buying right now even if you don’t need many of them. The massage cushion, booster seat, car seat organizer, car trunk organizer, car safety hammer escape tool, laser detector, and Bluetooth scan and code reader are just a few of such devices you should consider. Others include; mini fridge electric cooler for those who love to go on picnics, a car bottle jack for lifting heavy loads such as your car when changing a tire and driving gloves for comfortable grabbing of the wheels.

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