11 Best Couchtuner Alternatives That 100% Works In 2020

11 Best Couchtuner Alternatives That 100% Works In 2020

Everyone loves to take a break and rest after a long day at school by relaxing on the couch and watching an interesting TV show. This perhaps explains why people subscribe to Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video and several other paid media services. There are however some not so known alternatives to watching your favorite movies and TV shows, CouchTuner being one of such options.

What exactly is CouchTunner

CouchTuner is one of the foremost online movie streaming and TV series websites where you can watch your desired content from Turner, HBO, CNN, Warner Bros, and several other film studios and entertainment companies without having to pay a dime.

What that means is that it costs you absolutely nothing to watch your favorite movies and TV series on CouchTuner. The reason for this is that the website does not host content on its servers. What it does is simply make available a convenient interface that allows you to view content that is hosted on the servers of select third-party providers of content.

How Safe Is Couchtuner

It should be noted that Couchtuner cannot be held liable for any copyrighted contents which the site is linked to. This is however according to the admins of the website. Film studios and entertainment companies may beg to differ in this regard however as well as search engines. What this means is that if you are finding it quite difficult to gain access to the CouchTuner platform, it could simply be a case of your internet provider blocking access to the platform. If that is the case, there are two options you could explore. First, you could opt to bypass the existing content filter or you may use one of the top 11 Couchtuner alternatives to be listed below.

Best Couchtuner Alternatives


www.moviesjoy.netThis is one platform that does justice to its name. it indeed brings joy to people who intend to enjoy high-quality TV shows and movies. There are quite several genres available such as romance, comedy, and drama among others. What’s more? It does not require you to register. There is also a number off ways you can filter and sort content on the platform as it suits you. Also, it does not require you to register. One good thing about the website is that it is not filled with annoying pop—up ads like its counterparts. They are however present the moment you hit the Play button. Furthermore, the quality of the video is top-notch even though you may resolve issues with newer movies.



This is one of the latest platforms that deliver top-quality content to you without paying. It has a core focus on movies such as comedy, action, romance and some other. You may find TV shows as well. You do not need to register as the platform does not host any files on its servers. Also, each of the movies available has several mirrors you can stream from. It, however, has some limitations such as the fact that it is restricted in several countries.


www.newepisodes.co/As its name suggests, this is a platform visited by users who are looking to get the latest updates on their favorite series. It also gives you room to stream all-new episodes of the show you follow almost immediately they are aired on TV. This platform is loaded with a large community as well as a forum where users can easily share views, new episodes, spoilers, and rumors. The moment you register, it is expected of you from the forum users that you introduce yourself.  This is so that you can receive a proper welcome. It should, however, be noted that you do not have to be registered before you can stream the movies and TV shows online.


Www1.solarmovies.co/Quite a several users of CouchTuner users have resorted to patronizing SolarMovie for content. On the website, you will find both TV shows and movies which are grouped into different genres namely horror, drama, action and many more.

The website comes well designed with a powerful user interface that allows you to easily navigate the content. You also do not need to have an account to access its services. But having an account will give you the right to drop comments and even save content for later use. Signing up is free!


www.primewire.site/This is yet again a solid alternative to using Couchtuner. If you are the type of person that does not want to spend excessive amounts of money watching movies in the cinema, Primewire is the ideal platform for you. It is also quite easy to navigate owing to its unique user interface. One other unique thing about Primewire is the fact that its users can view contents at different resolutions. Registration is also not compulsory, but you can register to be able to rate content. The platform has a lot of pop-up ads and as such the platform advises its users to study the user agreement and register to avoid downloading dangerous content.


Www.putlocker.vipIf you have used some of the online streaming platforms before, you should be able to recognize this platform easily. PutLocker is a platform that has both TV shows and movies and there is a wide collection of mirrors you can select from. Hence, availability is not an issue. Apart from Hollywood movies, you can also access TV shows and movies from Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Hongkong, France, and several other countries.


www.azm.toOne thing that would surprise you about this platform is that even though it has some semblance with a paid online streaming platform, it offers free streaming services and is run by several TV shows and movie enthusiasts who may want to share their love for movies with a wider group of people. One other interesting thing about this platform is that the oldest movies you can watch their dates back to 1915. The movie is a movie directed by the famous Charlie Chaplin.


www.moviewatcher.isThis is a free online movie viewing service that is suited for people who love to watch TV shows and movies for free without having to pay a dime.  Some of the genres you can view on the platform include adventure, action, biography, animation, crime, drama, comedy, gameshow, reality TV, talk-show, war, thriller, among others. It, therefore, suffices to say that Moviewatcher has something to offer everyone. The beautiful part of this is that it does not ask for anything in return.


www.LookMovie.ag/This is a platform that boasts of a wide range of movies and TV shows. It has a very large database of movies that gets updated daily with the most recent movies featured at the top. You also do not need to register on this platform so that you can enjoy the best in content with just a few clicks. Even though registration is not required, the platform has a forum for its users where they can discuss debate and give reviews about movies.


This platform offers you a wide range of TV shows and movies which are partitioned into several sections. The majority of contents on this platform have Blue-ray and full HD quality. It also does not require you to register and does not store any of the files on the server. You can also take advantage of its reliable mirrors which you can use to keep up with your favorite movies and episodes.


Vumoo is perhaps one of the best alternatives you can think of to Couchtuner. It may not be the most popular alternative, but it comes with some unique features such as its artistic interface which makes it an aesthetic appeal to users who can view as many TV shows and movies listed on the homepage. It also offers the users several genres as well as some unique filtering options which assists the users in displaying required content as well as sorting the same based on certain criteria.  It also does not require you to register of input your credit card information. It, however, makes revenue via pop-up adverts which is the major drawback.

How Can You Access CouchTuner With A VPN?

When you are choosing a VPN service, you must place close attention to the price, global footprint, the IP addresses it offers as well as privacy protection. The process of setting up a VPN service is quite easy regardless of the service you select. First, you create a user account, and then you choose your plan and provide payment details and install the VPN to your device and connect to the internet.

Final Word

CouchTuner is perhaps one of the most vital online streaming platforms; however, the alternatives listed in this piece are also able to get the job done. In this piece, we have carefully investigated and provided the best 11 alternatives which should help you better enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows.

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