Best Money Saving Coupon Company For Prescription Drugs

Best Money Saving Coupon Company For Prescription Drugs

If you are not insured or when the policy does not cover certain drugs, the out-of-pocket-cost of most drugs can be a hindrance to a proper medication regimen.

Luckily, Rx companies, such as GetDealRX help a lot in bringing the cost of prescription medication down. Whether it’s a one-time dose for a short-term illness or chronic disease medication, these coupon services may offer the relief you need from your sky-high drug expenses.

What Is GetDealRX?

This is a prescription drug discount company. As its name implies, this company negotiates the price of medication with your local pharmacies beforehand, so you get your prescribed drugs at a much lower cost. This  makes it possible for you to adhere to your doctor’s recommended medication plan without hurting your wallet. Let’s explore how GetDealRX works and how it saves you money in the sections below.

How does Getdealrx work?

This is a free online coupon program that compares the prices of a wide array of FDA-approved prescription drugs across different pharmacies near you. This way, you’re able to identify the pharmacy with the best deal for your money within a short time and without moving a lot.

This company currently offers its coupons from its website. It’s yet to create prescription coupon cards or develop an App. All the same, GetDealRX website is intuitive to use from any device (mobile phone, tablet, and computer), and you’ll get a coupon for your prescribed drugs in a matter of seconds.

No signing up

The best part about getting a coupon with this service provider is that you don’t need to have an account with them. The process is straightforward, and there’s no signing up. This means that unlike getting a prescription drug card, GetDealRX does not require you to enter your details anywhere on their site.

Also worth pointing out, these prescription discount coupons are free for use by anyone in the USA with a varied prescription. This service can be used by both insured and non-insured individuals. However, note that you can’t combine the coupons with your insurance cover. If your drugs are cheaper with the coupon than with the insurance, let the pharmacist know that you’ll pay using the coupon.

How to get a GetDealRX prescription coupon

The process of getting a coupon is super quick and straightforward. It begins with visiting the website from any of your internet-enabled devices.

On the site, you’ll need to type in your prescribed medication on the search bar at the top. When you hit the “get deal” button on the right, a new page will open with the prices of your prescription drug from different pharmacies.

Before proceeding, don’t forget to use the “settings” button to adjust your dose in terms of;

  • Drug version– brand name or generic
  • Type– capsules, tablets, pills, or bottle, if applicable
  • Strength– for instance, 10mg, 25mg, or 100mg
  • Quantity– do you need 6, 10, 30, or 90 tablets?

After adjusting your medication to the recommended dose, you’ll find a list of different pharmacies that sell the drug. The site arranges the pharmacies in terms of price, starting with the lowest to the highest.

For added convenience, this website also has a location button that uses Google Maps to help you locate the nearest pharmacy with the best deal. Using this button, you can enter your address and zip code or let the program detect your location automatically. Ultimately, this company not only cuts on your drug expenses, but it also adds a great deal of convenience by helping you locate the best pharmacy near you without moving a lot.

How to use GetDealRX drug prescription coupon

After identifying the pharmacy with the best deal for your budget on the website, you only need to click (or tap) the “Get Coupon” tab on the right. A pop-up window will appear almost instantly with the coupon.

You can show this coupon to the pharmacist directly from your phone or use a screenshot. Alternatively, you can print the coupon or have it sent to your mobile phone number or email. Each coupon allows unlimited use. If you’ve saved it as a screenshot, print, email, or text, you can always present it during your refill visits. However, we recommend getting a new one for every visit to the pharmacy. This allows you to take advantage of the best prices possible every time. You’re not charged anything for getting a new coupon card, anyway.

Accepted by 35000+ pharmacies around the USA

GetDealRX partners and negotiates for lower prescription drug prices with almost all the major pharmacies in the USA, including;

  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • Cvs pharmacy
  • Rite Aid
  • Kroger
  • Albertsons

Generally, there are over 35000 drug stores around the USA that readily accept coupons from this company. There’s a high likelihood that the pharmacy near you will let you use these Rx coupons.

How much can you save with a GetDealRX coupon?

How much these Rx coupons save you in your medical expenses varies from drug to drug. Generics are always much cheaper than their brand name versions. Notably, it’s possible to get up to 80% off (or even 100% off) with some medications.

If you’re on a tight budget, whatever this company saves you on your medical cost is much better than footing the entire bill out of pocket. The best part is that the prices listed on the website are always in sync with the pharmacies’ prices. So, there are no surprise prices or hidden charges during checkout.


GetDealRX has been around for around 2 years now, and it’s currently one of the best money-saving coupon cards in 2020. Besides the great deals that it offers, we also appreciate this company’s transparency in keeping its users’ personal information private. Lastly, while the website is straightforward to use, it’s great to know that they are planning to roll out an App soon.

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