Top 6 Best Pc Coolant To Have In 2021: A Buying Guide

Best Pc Coolant

As PCs get faster, they generate more heat and the need to apply PC coolants becomes necessary. With the in-built processors in modern PCs becoming faster, you should expect components like processors and graphics boards to become hotter.

You may be asking yourself the question; what can I do to avoid over-heating my PC? The answer is simple and straightforward; get the right pc coolant. PC coolants come in different forms and components, you should consider the one that is most suitable, safe and convenient. Some come as premixed and others will require mixing some distilled water with them.

The Best Rated PC Coolant

Why Does A Coolant Matter?

In modern PC processors, more and more transistors are being installed to increase the performances of the devices. Aside from performance enhancement, the speed of PCs is also being enhanced with an increase in the number of transistors.

Due to the electronic tension created by this upgrade of transistors, the surface of the processor will become heated. The overheating of your PC processor can lead to several problems where several components may become damaged.

Since many transistors are installed very close to each other within the PC, the rate of heat generation is further increased. In addition to damages, a decrease in the performance of your PC will occur when temperatures rise to 60°C. In the worst scenario, hardware failure may occur.

To avoid overheating, hardware failure and a decrease in PC performance, a PC must be supported by a cooling system. A cooling system will quickly remove heat from the processor core as soon as it is generated. Though enlarging the heat output surface of the PC is another way of eliminating heat, it is still not as effective as using a coolant.

The Best Pc Coolant Review

Based on performance and meeting the required standards, the following products have been rated as some of the best. It should be noted that the best PC coolant does not necessarily mean the most expensive. It must meet offer the best results for your own needs. The following are the most rated pc coolants you should consider right now!

1. XSPC EC6 High-Performance Premix Coolant, 1000 mL, Green UV


Highly reliable and highly performing PC coolant for all kinds of PCs and similar devices. There is no surprise that this product enters this list. All you need to do is apply a little quantity of this coolant at a time and see the magic that follows. It dissipates heat quickly out of the PC in micro-seconds time, hence it is highly reliable.

This is a PC water cooling application that has been pre-mixed. For this reason, you don’t need to add any other thing except to start applying it right from its container. This product has a very low electrical conductivity which makes it safe and convenient to use or apply.

This product was formulated from a fine blend of vegetable extracts alongside some non-toxic corrosion inhibitors. In addition to the vegetable extracts and inhibitors is non-toxic dye to ensure that this product is safe for use and safe to dispose of.

With its technologically-advanced design, it offers protection for all kinds of metal. It works for PCs made from copper, nickel, steel, and aluminum, just to mention a few. The product has also been tested against substances like acetal and acrylic plastics to confirm its non-corrosive nature.

While this product has a very low electrical conductivity, it has a high thermal conductivity on the other hand. It comes in a wide range of colors but can be recolored by the EC6 re-color dye. This product does not contain any bittering agent and you should avoid mixing with water.

This product is non-toxic, and 85% of it becomes biodegradable even after 30 days of disposal. This means the product s very safe for the environment. It comes with stable dyes that perform very well out of the bottle. There is a manufacturer limited warranty of 2 years on the product.

The main color of EC6 is UV-green and the product must be stored in a cool dry place.


  • Very low electrical conductivity for safe application.
  • Biodegradability means it is environmentally friendly.
  • Very stable dyes that are consistent.
  • Budget-friendly price.
  • Compatible with different metals


  • It becomes ineffective when it comes in contact with water.

2. EKWB EK-CryoFuel Premix Coolant, 1000mL, Clear


This clear color coolant also comes in 6 other different colors including orange, green, and purple. This product comprises of highly concentrated pigments that create intense and vivid colors. It is capable of producing biological growth inhibition effect. It also comes with very low electrical conductivity.

Clinically tested coolant that has been recommended by many PC technicians, this product will deliver any day, anytime for PC cooling and temperature regulation. If you are looking for more volume of coolants, perhaps this is the product you should go for. 1000mls can last you for several years before replacement.

It is compatible with a wide range of materials, these include; acrylic, POM Acetal, PETG, and Rubber. This product is eco-friendly, it is biodegradable some 10 days after disposal and that makes it environmental-friendly.

This is one of the new revolutionary PC coolants that are worth trying out. It has been adjudged as one of the most chemically-stable coolants that provide a higher level of performance. Thermal efficiency and color stability are two features that make this product different.

This product is pure and non-toxic, these features are made possible with its chemical formula. It is formulated to prevent the formation of any sediments within the liquid cooling loop. With its low viscosity, this coolant will not clog or damage water blocks or other parts of the loop when in use.

A completely safe product that does not contain ethylene glycol or any bittering agent. It does not contain additives that can gunk the pump or cooling fans of your PC. This is a pre-mixed coolant and not a concentrate, therefore you don’t have to add any colorants or mix again. This product can be stored for several months without any worries.


  • Low electrical conductivity means it is completely safe.
  • Compatible with so many materials.
  • It has a very low viscosity that doesn’t clog surfaces.
  • It is pre-mixed, hence no need for further mixing.
  • It stores very well for a long time.


  • Slightly on the higher price side.

3. Koolance LIQ-702BU-B 702 Liquid Coolant, High-Performance, UV Blue, 700ml (24 fl. oz)


This is just the right quantity you need for the regular cooling of your PC. The UV blue colored coolant is also available in many other colors including; green, red, purple, orange, and yellow. This high-performance coolant is used in many industries and by regular home PC users.

The product is low in toxicity, and also has corrosion and biological inhibitors. It can be used in cooling dissimilar metals and biological growth in the long term. This product or any other Koolance product will not clog the component of your PC. It can be used for up to 3 years before a replacement is needed.

This product has a shelf life of 3 years and a container has up to 700mls of pre-mix coolants. since the coolant is pre-mixed you don’t need to mix again or mix with any other content. You should change this product before the end of 3 years or when it is changing colors.

The UV blue color is quite impressive and the product retains this color before and after application. With compatibility with various surfaces and components, it is completely safe to use this product as a biological growth inhibitor and coolant.

This container can also serve as a squirt bottle or as a reservoir filling, hence it is not a waste. It is compatible with PC made from all kinds of metals, including brass, stainless steel, nickel, gold, aluminum, and copper. It comes with a very low electrical conductivity which makes it very safe.

This product is also safe for all kinds of plastics including ABS, PVC, and PBT.


  • It can be used for up to 3 years before you need a replacement.
  • It does not clog computer components.
  • It can be used by individuals or for industrial applications.
  • It is cost-effective considering its shelf life.
  • Non-reactive product.


  • It has a freezing point of -15°C hence you can’t apply at such temperature.

4. Primo-Chill Liquid Utopia – 15ml Bottle


This product offers full line protection against bacterial attack and corrosion. It is capable of protecting ferrous and non-ferrous metals against corrosion. It is completely biodegradable even after 10 days of disposal, therefore it is environmentally-friendly.

As one of the widely respected brand names in the industry, this liquid Utopia comes with 100% original components. You are advised against mixing with any pre-mix coolant and follow the recommended mixing with distilled water.

It is completely non-toxic to your PC or any other material applied unto. This product can be used in new-installed or existing loops. The bottle size is 15mls, and you have to mix with 1 gallon of distilled water. The shelf life of this product is 2 years when the bottle is unopened.

It is easy to under-estimate this product because of its little 15ml container. Since 1ml is needed with 9mls of water, you will be surprised how long you can use this product. Just a few drops in the appropriate water mix are all you need to protect your PC against excessive heat.

This is one of the coolants in the market that can be dyed to your colored style with the application of Primochill Intensifier but this intensifier is sold separately. You have to replace this product if you notice sediments at the bottom but this can be prevented when you close the bottle tightly after use. As a reliable product, this coolant comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty.

You must avoid mixing this coolant with another product, to avoid poor results when applied on PC. It is also important to avoid using this product on mixed loops, for instance, aluminum and copper mixed loops.


  • Cheaper than many of its main rivals.
  • Safe for the environment
  • Completely gentle on your PC device.
  • It can be dyed to your color preference


  • Does not come premix, you have to dilute with water.

5. XSPC EC6 High-Performance Premix Coolant, 1000 mL, Blood Red


Another high-performance PC coolant-water mix that is very reliable in every way. This product has been premixed, hence there is no need to add any additive. With low electrical conductivity, you can use this coolant safely.

This product is easily recognized by its red and white container colors. It comprises of a fine blend of vegetable extracts with corrosion inhibitors plus no-toxic dyes. It is designed to be used on all types of materials including brass, steel, copper, nickel, and aluminum hence it is safe on just any kind of PC material.

Since it offers superior protection, the manufacturers have decided to offer up to 2 years limited warranty on original products. Aside from being compatible with metal components, this coolant is also safe on all kinds of plastic materials. It has been tested on acetyl and

This is a non-toxic product with 85% of it biodegradable after 40 days. This means it is completely safe for the environment and can be recycled. It is characterized by very low electrical conductivity but high thermal conductivity.

You should not mix this coolant with any additive as it comes premix and filled with all component ingredients. This product does not contain ethylene glycol, bittering agents and unnecessary fillers hence it is wholesome.

This product works on its own, hence you should not mix it with anti-freeze or any other substance. You may use this coolant after draining it from the loop but don’t use it repeatedly. This product keeps its color efficiently.


  • Low electrical conductivity means it is completely safe.
  • Very safe on metals, plastics, and other solid components.
  • Bio-degradable and safe for the environment.
  • No need to shake before application.
  • it keeps its color even after application.


  • It can spoil rapidly when left open.

6. EKWB EK-CryoFuel Concentrate Coolant, 100mL, Navy Blue


This is one top quality concentrated coolant containing the right quantities of pigments that can create some intense, saturated and vivid colors when applied. It is an ideal biological growth inhibition that has been tested and trusted for years.

Its low electrical conductivity makes it very safe for use. This product is also compatible with diverse materials, including acrylic, POM, PETG, and rubber materials. 90% of the contents and packaging material of this coolant are biodegradable within 30 days. This means it will naturally degrade after disposal and that is very safe for the environment.

This is one of the most chemically-stable coolants you can find around today, and its thermal efficiency provides PC gamers extra stability. So much emphasis has been laid on the color stability of this coolant for enhanced user experience.

It is pure and non-toxic. It was developed based on a patent-pending chemical formula that can prevent the formation of sediments within the liquid cooling loop. With its very low viscosity, users can rest assured will not clog or damage water blocks or any other part of the loop.

You need to mix this coolant concentrate with water at ratio 1:9 water and concentrate respectively. It does not contain ethylene glycol or any bittering agent. The warranty information for the product is included.


  • Very low electrical conductivity.
  • Highly compatible with diverse types of metals and plastics.
  • More affordable than many of its rivals.
  • Completely biodegradable, hence it is environmentally-friendly.
  • Very stable even under storage.
  • It does not cause damage to any part of the loop.


  • It is not pre-mixed; you must mix with distilled water.

How To Choose The Best PC Coolant

Choosing a PC coolant can become a daunting task in the beginning but until you get the right one. The main factors you may want to consider when choosing the right coolant are;

  • Type of coolant
  • Pre-mix or not
  • Lifespan.
  • Compatibility with different materials
  • Electrical and Thermal conductivity
  • Biodegradability
  • Ability to Retain Color in Loop
  • Sensitivity to Temperature and other external factors.

1. Cost and Budget

Cost or budget should be your last consideration when it comes to choosing a coolant for your PC. Many things determine the costs of a PC coolant. Non-mixed products cost more because they have not been mixed and are highly concentrated. This does not mean that premix is of inferior quality to the other option, it simply saves you time on mixing with water.

Make sure you consider the quality of the product first before you settle for one. PC coolants are widely affordable, you should be able to find the ideal product within your budget range. It is equally important to avoid imitation products that are ridiculously affordable.

2. Pre-mix or not

There are basically two types of coolants, these are the premix and the ones you need to mix with a portion of water. Perhaps for convenience sake, you may want to consider whether the PC coolant has been premixed or not.

If the coolant is not pre-mixed, you will have to follow directions on the container. In most cases, coolants that are not pre-mixed will be required to be mixed with distilled water at a quantity.

For instance, most unmixed coolants will require that you mix the content at ratio 1:9 of coolant and water respectively. The premixed coolants are much better and preferred because they save time. In most cases, non-premixed coolants are more concentrated than pre-mixed options.

Non-premixed coolants are also more expensive than pre-mixed. If you don’t mind the extra time you have to spend mixing, the non-premixed may be a better choice since you have control over how much you use at a time. Make sure you follow the direction of the application when mixing the non-mixed product.

3. The lifespan of the Coolant

The lifespan of coolant also matters when it comes to choosing your final product. Most coolants will last for 2 years or less in most cases, but that depends on the way you handle the product. There are some products that may last for more than 2 years when properly preserved. If for instance, you constantly leave the coolant opened consistently, it will lose its color and potency. Some coolants do develop sediments when they start losing their potency and power. For this reason, the lifespan of a coolant generally depends on the way you store and handle the product.

4. Compatibility with different materials

Since the PC has diverse components made of different materials, it is ideal that your choice should be compatible with them. The ideal coolant should not corrode or cause damage to solid components like brass, copper, gold, stainless steel, aluminum, neither should it be corrosive against acrylic, POM Acetal, PETG, and Rubber. Items that coolant is not compatible with must be clearly listed on the package as a warning.

5. Electrical and Thermal conductivity

Electrical and thermal conductivities can be used to screen your final PC coolants. For safety reasons, a coolant must have a very low electrical conductivity rating. For a coolant to be effective, it must have the highest thermal conductivity rating.

The thermal conductivity rating of the coolant is its ability to dissipate heat quickly away from your PC. The lower electrical conductance means there is a very low risk of electrical shock when applying the coolant on your PC

The higher the thermal conductivity rating, the more efficient the coolant. Similarly, the lower the electricity rating, the safer the product. Do not compromise safety and efficiencies for price. You will likely find higher thermal rated coolants costlier than lower-rated products.

6. Biodegradability

This may not be a very critical factor for you when choosing your ideal PC coolant but it is critical to the environment. Fortunately, all the products reviewed in this content are made up of biodegradable components which make them completely safe for the environment. Though these coolants are biodegradable, this does not mean you should ignore proper disposal. Disposal guidelines are usually written clearly on the outer later of the container, and they must be strictly followed. Most of the products listed in this review will degrade easily within 30-45 days of disposal, hence they can be recycled for as long as they remain useful.

7. Ability to Retain Color in Loop

PC coolants come in different colors whether they are pre-mixed or not. Some of these coolants may change colors due to their components or when they react to certain substances they come in contact with. A coolant that changes color after application should be avoided, it simply means it is unfit for the PC. An ideal coolant should not only retain its color after application, but it must also do so even in storage. Some coolants can be reused up to three times without them changing colors. You need to find out the type of coolant you choose before spending your money on any.

8. Components

Added components matter when it comes to shopping for your coolant. Coolants are supposed to contain biological indicators and anti-corrosive materials. They are not supposed to contain chemical substances that are toxic to the PC and any parts.

Fillers, including bittering agents, preservatives and colorants must also be avoided in coolants. You must pay attention to the label when choosing your ideal product. Some product manufacturers may hide the fillers from the label though the put such to increase the content volume.

9. Sensitivity to Temperature and other External Factors

Unfortunately, most PC coolants have their temperature ranges. The lower the temperatures below a certain point the lesser they perform. As a precaution, you should go for a coolant that has a temperature cap of up to 60 ℃ and can still withstand lesser than -10 ℃.

At certain temperatures, some coolants may not work at all or may simply freeze off. You need to be aware of the temperature sensitivity of a coolant to avoid application in days that don’t favor such temperature sensitivity.

You should also check whether the coolant is for individual household or industrial use. Though, some coolants are rated for both household and industrial use, you must check the temperature sensitivity of the product before choosing. Generally industrial grade coolants have wider temperature range sensitivity than household coolants.


Now that you have solid information on how to choose the best PC coolant, you should be able to make an informed decision. Your final decision should be based on the factors explained here. Since this review and guide has also included some of the best options out there, you should also consider choosing one based on your preferences.

If you are unsure about the best options for you perhaps you should go for two or more products at a time. While the budget plays an important role here, it should be your final consideration. You don’t want to compromise on quality for affordability, hence the costs of products should be the last factor.

You should also be careful where you purchase your product from. While reputable links have been provided in this content, you should avoid imitations. Imitation products don’t get covered by the manufacturer warranty; hence, you wouldn’t get a replacement or refund.

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