Best Sticker Capsules in CS2 

There are many cosmetic items available to players in CS2 that can be used to change the appearance of weapons and characters. However, skins alone are not always enough for players. A unique way to bring the skin to the perfect look is stickers. Let’s find out what sticker capsules are and take a look at the best sticker capsules in CS2.

What Are Sticker Capsules in CS2?

Sticker capsules in CS2 are a set of stickers (around 10-60 stickers) that play a decorative role in the game. You can use stickers on weapon skins. Like weapon skins, stickers have different characteristics that determine their rarity and value in CS2.

List of Best Sticker Capsules in CS2

Every man to his taste. However, all shooter players want to know everything about CS2 stickers, find the best cs2 stickers and often lean towards the items that the most successful players use. Such trends create popularity for some capsules. And now we will consider the best capsules in the game.

Pinups Capsule

Valve released this capsule on December 11, 2015 during the “CS2’s Winter Update” update. The capsule includes 12 colorful pin-up stickers (6 stickers with Holo film and 6 stickers with Paper film). All stickers show beautiful women with weapons. Holo film stickers have Remarkable rarity. These are quite rare items, their drop chance is 15,98%. Similar stickers but with a Paper film have High Grade rarity. These are not very rare stickers, their drop chance is 79,92%. This capsule was spotted in the inventory of a pro player NEO. You don’t need a key to open this capsule.

Sticker Capsule 2

The presentation of Sticker Capsule 2 in CS2 took place on February 27, 2014 during “The Hidden Capsule” update. It includes 16 stickers, including 2 Exotic stickers, 4 Remarkable stickers, and 10 High Grade stickers. To open this capsule, the player needs to buy a key – CS2 Capsule Key. Exotic stickers, among which Crown (Foil) and Stupid Banana (Foil) are among the rarest and most valuable in CS2. A drop chance of these stickers reaches only 3,2%. As the name suggests, the first sticker features a golden skull with a golden crown. The second sticker depicts a yellow banana with a knife. The rest of the stickers have mostly literal expressions. This item was noticed in the inventories of some pro players like CS2 players fallen, kennys, and xyp9x.

Slid3 Capsule

This sticker capsule was integrated into the CS2 game as part of the “CS2’s Winter Update” update on December 11, 2015. The capsule contains 15 stickers, including 5 Exotic stickers, 5 Remarkable stickers, and 5 High Grade stickers. All stickers in this capsule are the work of the designer “Slid3”. Almost all items depict cartoon characters in gas masks. Exotic stickers are the rarest stickers in a shooter and can cost hundreds of dollars. There are 5 such stickers in this capsule, so the chances of getting a valuable sticker are quite high. This capsule contains such Exotic skins as Move It (Foil), Boom (Foil), Don’t Worry (Foil), Hard Cluck Life (Foil), and Countdown (Foil). All these stickers have a “Foil” film, which gives the stickers a metallic finish. Players do not need to purchase a key to open this capsule.

Perfect World Sticker Capsule 2

The presentation of this capsule took place on September 14, 2017 during “China, are you ready?” update. There are 15 stickers in the capsule, including 2 Exotic stickers, 1 Remarkable sticker, and 12 High Grade stickers. Among the most valuable stickers in this capsule are Longevity (Foil) and Pixiu (Foil). All sticker designs are inspired by Chinese culture.

Chicken Capsule

This capsule was released on June 18, 2019 during the “Two Decades of Counter-Strike” update. This set includes 17 stickers, including 2 Exotic stickers, 5 Remarkable stickers, and 10 High Grade stickers. Big Clucks (Foil) and Roosty Boosty (Foil) belong to the group of Exotic rarity stickers. All the stickers in this capsule show chickens with guns or money. All the stickers in this capsule show chickens with guns or money. All stickers were created by a community designer named “Slid3”. To open this capsule, you do not need to purchase a special key.

Do You Need to Buy a Key for a Sticker Capsule?

It is enough just to open some sticker capsules. For other sticker capsules, you need to purchase a special key. A player can only receive one sticker from the capsule. The cost of the key for the capsule may vary depending on the platform where a player wants to make a purchase. As a rule, the key is sold at $3-$4. Players also have the option to purchase only the desired sticker.

To Wrap Up!

If you are a player who lacks colors in CS2 and you are not content with just skins, then stickers can please you with originality. The CS2 game offers a lot of capsules with interesting stickers, but in the article, we have considered the best options that are popular with the players. All capsules contain valuable stickers that can become not only great cosmetic additions to weapons but also collectibles. Do not waste time, choose a sticker that most accurately reflects your character.

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