Business travelling to San Diego: 7 tips

San Diego is a very cool place for both travelling and business! But today we are going to talk more about a business trip. This is a very important and important event for the company and the people who work in it, so everything should go as smoothly and productively as possible. This small guide will help you with organising a business trip, with how you can spend a little less money and still get the best possible feedback from the trip.

So let’s get started

Car hire

This point concerns not only money but also time in general. Because there are situations (quite often) when there is a planned meeting, for example, almost immediately after arrival and even a few extra minutes on the road will be very important. In such a case it is quite difficult to rely on a taxi, because there is no guarantee of time, you can wait for it for a very long time and many other risk factors that can give you a lift. Therefore it makes sense to consider the option of still being in your country to hire a San Diego airport taxi, this is an airport transfer that will give you a full guarantee of time, if you will be a lot of people or you are a tourist company a nice price for companies and – in principle the price is fixed. So you know exactly which route you will take and exactly how much you will pay for it – perfect for me!

The size of your luggage is smaller

This is an important point, imagine you are flying from Poland to San Diego, it is a long flight, a lot of kilometres and it is important to understand that you will have to pay more money for your suitcase. Therefore, you need a hand luggage, or rather a bag of such size that the company in which you will fly will register your bag as hand luggage and you will fly with it in your hands. The advantages are obvious: firstly, you will spend less money on the ticket, and secondly, there will be no additional risks because you will not have to wait for your luggage.

Create a report of your expenses

There is nothing better than visualising where the company’s money goes, like creating an online spreadsheet where in real time each employee who is travelling will enter the amount over each major category for which money has been allocated. This is a very effective way, because you will be able to quickly react to the situation when someone decides to live in business class or spend money on some additional aspects that were not previously agreed upon.

Don’t go for a hotel that is too expensive

If you are on a tight budget, consider other options instead of luxury hotels. For example, a guest house is essentially a house with all the comforts of home, you just have to cook there yourself, maybe the guest house will be a little smaller (but not always) and the area will not be the most touristy (but again, not always). But even if you do not want to cook and will use food delivery – it will be 100% cheaper than some luxury hotel.

We also advise you to consider co-working hotels, it is a very convenient option, most often it is even cheaper than a guest house and it is possible to combine work (workspace) with comfortable living conditions. In San Diego you can consider such hotels: Hera Hub San Diego Mission Valley, NEST CoWork, Union Cowork.

There should always be a backup plan

There is no such thing as a business trip (or very rare) when there is not the slightest problem. This is absolutely normal, because that’s life, but as someone who is organising a business trip you should understand that force majeure happens and have a backup plan in case it happens.

Sit down and think about what problems may arise during your trip, based on the specifics of your company, your goal and specific planned activities. Realise in your head a possible solution in case of a problem and keep it in mind throughout the journey.

Take photos while travelling for business

This advice is a bit off the beaten track, but if you really heed it, you can get unreal benefits for your own company. A well-designed (even by yourself) photo shoot during a business trip is a great pr company for your company + it’s nice memories for the company’s employees.

Make a list of the things you’re taking

This is a very simple tip, but how many nerve cells it can save. We advise you to keep track of 2 types of things: firstly, these are strictly work things (some documents, work things and so on) and secondly, these are your personal things. It is not excluded the situation when a person went on a business trip and did not take important papers (which may be the reason for his trip abroad). Therefore, in order not to have any serious problems, just keep records, tick the boxes of those things that you have already put in your suitcase and everything will be fine!

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