Handy Tips Before You Buy SMTP Server For Your Organization

Tips Before You Buy SMTP Server

Why buy SMTP server? One of the reasons is that it can take your email marketing campaign and organization to another level. According to report, over 56 percent of the world population (approximately 4.57 billion people), are active internet users. What does that tell you? It indicates that you can reach out to a broader audience and achieve your targeted marketing goals with a successful digital marketing campaign. 

Emails remain a vital means of communication between businesses and their clients. The reason every organization should consider buying an email server is that the commercial email providers are not business-friendly or ideal for specific applications. 


When sending bulk email messages to clients, these commercial email providers tend to be slower. Your emails may also end up in the spam folder of the recipient.

However, buying an SMTP server can be a wise step in your email marketing campaign, but you need to make the right choice. So, before purchasing an email server, here are some critical things you need to consider. 

1. Capacity planning and scalability


It doesn’t matter if your organization is currently sending emails to only a few customers or users. As long as that organization is still running, it has an excellent opportunity to expand its client base. A hundred customers or users can become thousands and millions in the nearest future. 

So, even if your organization has fewer customers or users, you still need to pay attention to scalability when choosing an SMTP server. Ask yourself this question, “can I make use of the server for the long haul or be forced to invest in a new email service when the customer base and organization grows?” 


So, in a nutshell, choose an SMTP server that will grow together with your business, not one that will become useless once the user base of your organization increases. The last thing your organization wants is jumping from one email server to another, wasting money. 


2. The support team


Let’s assume your organization doesn’t have IT personnel. What would happen if you get stuck during your normal routine or installation process? Of course, you would need the help of the email server’s support team at such a critical time. 


So, before you buy SMTP online, ensure the support team the company has is a reliable one. Otherwise, you might find yourself losing productive hours some days while trying to figure out how to use certain features or get tasks done with the server. 


Most SMTP server providers have multilingual support teams, which helps to eliminate the language barrier. Thus, if you are not fluent in the English language, you can choose your local dialect. With that, you will be able to interact with a support team member and get the help you need. 


So, choose an email service provider with the best support services. The email server provider of interest should have customer support agents that are also available 24/7. In other words, their customer service support should be able to respond to you at any time of the day. 


3. Consider the features the SMTP serve has


As a firm grows, so does the need for advanced tools and features, even for its email marketing campaigns. So, even if your organization is only interested in sending email messages to its customers with the interested SMTP server, you shouldn’t settle for a tool that lacks some beneficial advanced features.


What should you do in this regard? Go past the account dashboard and take note of every feature the SMTP serve has. Some of the email servers come with advanced features that enable them to provide reports with great insight that will transform your email marketing strategy and spur business growth.


An example of these advanced features is real-time analytics. It shows you the critical things you need to know about your email marketing efforts. These include failed and successfully delivered email messages. 


In addition to real-time analytics, you will discover in some advanced and feature-rich SMTP serves that you can integrate other tools to take your email marketing campaign to a whole new level. So, before you choose any email server, make sure you consider the features the tool has. You can also compare the features in two or more email servers to know which of them will be more valuable to you in the short and long term. 



4. Deliverability


When sending commercial and transactional emails, what counts as a successful campaign is when the majority of the messages sent get into the recipients’ inboxes. The point is Google, including other ISP, do have crawlers, whose roles are to check and ensure that spammy emails end up in the spam folder. 


As you know, most people hardly visit the spam folder to read emails. The steady increase in internet fraud has also made it even more unattractive for people to open email messages in their spam folder. The fact is, if the emails you are sending doesn’t have the same reply center or origin, it will likely end up in the spam folder. Thus, all your effort will be a waste of time.


These are the primary reasons reputable and serious organizations look to buy a high end SMTP server onlineThese types of SMTP servers would offer you a single domain and ensure high deliverability. 


However, you need to check the email structure and ensure it is appropriately constructed. Another critical step is to choose the right domain name so that your messages will get to your recipients, and you will be able to receive replies, as well. 


5. Return management


An SMTP server with detailed and improved return management is a wise choice. What this does is that, when your email messages fail to deliver, you will receive detailed information, stating why your email messages failed to deliver. 


However, this feature can be overlooked if it’s not present. But it will save you a lot of time and energy if your SMTP server has it. The information provided will enable you to pinpoint the problem and make the necessary adjustments to fix them. 




Email marketing is not obsolete. It is still active and yielding results for businesses the world over. However, choosing the right email service provider is what counts. Such will ensure high deliverability, ease of use, and equally make your marketing campaign a huge success. You can read the tips on this post before you splash the cash on an SMTP for your organization or personal use.

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