Can I Access My Old Myspace Account?

MySpace has a search bar on their site and you can search through everything you’ve ever uploaded to the site and even old friends who are no longer a part of your life anymore.

Can I access my old MySpace account?

You can get back everything on your old profile from by entering your name into the search bar; then browse through your old photos, music videos, messages and events.

How can I log into my old Myspace account without email and password?

If you cannot access your email, make use of MySpace’s “Forgot Email” tool.
As for making a new password, you are required to use the password recovery verification function. You can go to the “Forgot Login” page, and change your password there.

Are old Myspace accounts still active?

If you cannot locate your old Myspace profile, you can still connect to your old profile without an account. If you search for your username in our search bar or just enter the username that was associated with your profile in your profile settings, you can access all of the content that you left behind.

Can I hack my old Myspace?

You can hack into your old My Space account and edit your profile or change your settings. However you need to make sure the administrator of MySpace will not recognize your new profile as you are still using your old MySpace login.

Will MySpace delete old accounts?

A user can only delete their MySpace account on a desktop computer. They can’t delete their account from the mobile app or web site.

How can I recover my MySpace email and password?

If you forget your MySpace password, visit Forgotten Password. Enter the email address or user name, click on the link to go to your mailbox, and then reset your password.

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