Can I Close My Amazon Seller Account And Open A New One?

If you are buying a product that is shipped from their warehouse, they might sell the same items, while you need to cancel the seller account first and start a new one.

Can I close my Amazon seller account and open a new one?

If you’ve been living in the country, some of the things you’re accustomed to buying may not be available. It can be hard to do a ‘mall crawl’ if you’re used to shopping at big chains like Walmart.

What if I want to open a new seller account under my name?

Remove all product listings that were submitted or sold under your name on Amazon. You should also remove all product listings that are submitted under your account on other websites. For this, you need to contact each of those websites directly. Also remove all negative and neutral feedback left by buyers or sellers. Remove all your listings from third-party sites like eBay, Sears, Rakuten etc. Amazon’s own customer feedback and rating system is not good enough for you to remove listings from other websites.

What if I want to open a new seller account in different name?

Add your new bank account details in Seller Central. Make sure to get the correct details as the name of the bank account is what you will be using while receiving payments from Amazon.

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