Can I Close My Linkedin Account?

Yes, you can close your LinkedIn account. You can do so by clicking on “Settings” and then “Deactivate your account”.

Can I temporarily deactivate my LinkedIn account?

You can deactivate your LinkedIn account if you need to do so. Go to settings and click on the “Deactivate your account” link.

How can I hide my LinkedIn profile without deleting it?

You can hide your LinkedIn profile by going to your account and going to’settings’ which is under ‘privacy and settings’. You will then scroll down and look for the ‘public profile’ section and look under public profile and you can choose to hide your profile from view on the site.

How do I permanently delete my LinkedIn account?

You need to click on “Delete” in order to permanently delete your LinkedIn account.

Can I reactivate my LinkedIn account after closing it?

If you have a LinkedIn account, you can reactivate it after closing it. To do so, go to and click “Sign In” at the top-right corner of the page. Then, enter your email address and password and click “Log In.” Next, click “Settings” in the top navigation bar and select “Deactivate Your Account” from the menu on the left. Finally, click “Deactivate” and follow the instructions to reactivate your account.

How long does it take to close LinkedIn account?

If you’re closing it because you no longer want it, then it will take 1-2 weeks for LinkedIn to process your request.
If you’re closing the account because of a violation, then it will take 3-4 weeks for LinkedIn to investigate and take action.

What happens if I close my LinkedIn account?

If you close your LinkedIn profile, all of your data (including your profile, connections and messages) will be sent to the LinkedIn servers and then permanently deleted. LinkedIn cannot recover this information for you.

Should I delete my LinkedIn account?

You shouldn’t delete your LinkedIn profile unless you do a lot of job searching and are using it as a job search tool. If you aren’t, you can probably do without it.

How do I delete my LinkedIn account without an email address?

To delete your LinkedIn account, you must give the company an email address to remove it. To deactivate your account, you must provide a username and password.

Does LinkedIn show who viewed your profile?

LinkedIn shows the last five people who viewed your profile but does not show you the viewer list.

How do I become invisible on LinkedIn?

When becoming invisible is a lot of work. The best way to become invisible on LinkedIn is to adjust your privacy settings, hide your profile from search results, remove yourself from LinkedIn groups and hide that you are a member.

How do I hide my identity on LinkedIn?

You can hide your identity on LinkedIn by creating a new profile that doesn’t list any of your personal information. If you want to hide your profile from search results, you can make your profile private.

Can you hide your LinkedIn profile from other LinkedIn users?

You can change this setting in your Privacy Settings.
Only you can see your LinkedIn profile.

If you set your privacy setting to “Only you can see my profile”,
it only shows up to you.

This will ensure that only you will know who is
viewing your profile.

Note that your profile will still be viewable
to other people if they try to view your profile in
the LinkedIn search box, contact you or request your

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