Can I Delete My Babycenter Account?

BabyCenter provides mothers. Mothers-to-be, information about pregnancy.Conception, birth, and early childhood development.How To Close An Account: At the bottom of the section, there are the various options for “Close Account”.

Can I delete my babycenter account?

* A baby is a baby, and for mommies-to-be, birth is important. * Mommies-to-be may use this site to provide pregnancy and birth information. * They may use this site to help them with conception, early childhood development, and birth. * They may use this site to learn how to close their account on the site. They may use this link at the bottom of each section.

How do I delete a pregnancy account?

To delete your profile, you must: 1. Log in; 2. Go to Delete Profile; 3. From there you can request an email with a link to delete your profile. 4. For security reasons, the link is only valid for 24 hours. 5. By deleting your profile, all of your data will be deleted. 6. You will be unsubscribed from emails.

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