Can I Delete My Ea Account?

You can delete your account by going to your EA account, then the billing settings. Click on the about link, type in the code we send you (it’s a secret) and you’re done!

How do I permanently delete my EA account?

To permanently delete your EA account, go to the EA account management page and fill in the fields with ‘close my account.’ Once you click ‘Chat Now,’ you will receive an automated response. Please note that you will lose any data associated with this account.

What happens if I delete my EA account?

If you delete your EA account, your case will be permanently deleted along with your account. Your access to your entitlements, games, games and in-game purchases will be permanently revoked.

Do EA accounts expire?

If you haven’t used your Account within the last 24 months, your account will expire after 24 months.

How do I get my old origin account back?

Click here:
Enter a search phrase in the space provided and click Search. Choose a category such as ‘Add Your Own Video’ from the menu bar on the left side of your screen. Enter a search phrase in the space provided and click Search.

How do I reset my EA account on PS4?

To reset your EA account, go to On that page, fill in the provided information. Make sure the email you used to sign into your account is correct. You’ll receive a verification email; click that to complete the process.

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