Can I Delete My Fanfiction Net Account?

You can’t delete your account. You can anonymously hide your profile by using the tip below to anonymise it. And make sure to remove all the stories you’ve written manually. Also, you can try to ask to delete your account with the support team via email:

Is fanfiction net legal?

Fanfiction is copyright infringement because it borrows elements from the original work of fiction. All of this makes fanfiction fall foul of copyright law.

Is fanfiction net a safe app?

Yes we take FanFiction.Net very seriously. After our extensive research, we found no malicious content. We have also reviewed this site for child safety.

Did fanfiction net delete stories?

Some good-quality FanFiction was removed from FanFiction.Net because users under the age of 18 were allowed to join the site and the site was aware that people were joining under the age of 18 and did nothing.

Is FanFiction net still active?

The website is about 10 million users and with over 40 different languages. It is also used for fan fiction. Net is also a forum for the fan fictions.

How do I delete a story on FanFiction net?

To remove the downloaded stories, press and hold any story until it says “Multi Select” and “Translate.” Once you chose “Multi Select,” a trashcan icon appears at the bottom of the page, and you may simply choose the stories you want to remove on the right side next to the tale.

How do you read reviews on FanFiction Net App?

Go to FFO and tap the name of the film you want to see.

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