Can I Delete My Hinge Account?

Tap on the settings menu. Tap on the account. Tap on the delete account.

What happens if I delete my Hinge account?

Deletion of Hinge will remove your content from the Hinge website. As a result, you will no longer appear in other users’ Discover recommendations or in their “Matches” or “Likes You” sections.

Does Hinge show your profile if you delete the app?

Even after deleting the app, your zombie profile is still on Hinge. This means that people can still see your profile, even if you don’t use the app anymore.

Can I get my Hinge account back after deleting it?

Go to your Account screen by tapping the Settings icon in the lower right corner of your screen. Tap Account to access the Account screen. Select the Upgrade option from the list that appears.

Does Hinge delete all data?

Even if you delete your account, your information “will be kept for [the company’s] legitimate business purposes”.

Can you change your number on Hinge?

We do not currently offer a feature where you can transfer your phone number from your Hinge account. We are working on a solution that will allow you to do this at a later date.

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