Can I Delete My Poshmark Account?

If you want to delete your Poshmark account for any reason, you can click the link that says “Delete my account” below. Then you must confirm it again to make it happen.

Why can’t I delete my Poshmark account?

To delete your Poshmark profile, you need to first redeem the amount that you’ve recently sold in the app. If there are pending transactions or redeemable amounts on your account, Poshmark says it can’t perform the deletion.

How do I delete my perfectly posh account?

The cancellation should be sent to the company at its primary business address (address is the same as the one on the invoice), or via email to

Is Poshmark safe?

That’s a big warning and it’s actually the first warning that you’re going to get. But you must know that online business is not for all and it is not for everyone.

How do I stop being a posh consultant?

The service is only available online. If you would like to terminate your service, you can contact Perfectly Posh on the contact us page for more information.

How much does it cost to sell Perfectly Posh?

As a first-time consultant, you will get your own website for free because the company is offering this to new members. You will get $10 per month (excluding your first month). Next year, you will get $20 per month as a new consultant. Then, you’ll get $30 per month when you become a veteran.

How do you sell posh?

Sell what you want to sell on by the way. Make sure the pictures of the things you’re selling are bright, simple, and easy to understand. Use keywords to describe the items you’re offering; make sure your description contains phrases that frequently appear in Poshmark searches.

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