Can I Edit My Zola Website After Publishing?

Under “Website” click on “Edit Pages” On the page that is called “Home” click “Wedding Summary” Make sure you are on the page that is called “Home” Click “Wedding Summary” Edit everything that you would like to change.

Does Zola take a fee?

Zola is a website that connects people with experts for their needs. No fees are levied for the expert or the customer.

How does the knot make money?

The company makes huge money by charging lots of people to use its service.

How do I change the color of my Zola site?

Settings is a site in your top right corner. From there, you can adjust colors for the text, background, and links.

Can I create my own wedding website?

There are many website owners who have made wedding templates for you to customize. You can put your own information on these templates and personalize them to fit your needs.

Is a Zola wedding website free?

A wedding website that offers wedding planning tools. You can create your perfect day with its online wedding planner.

Can you see who viewed Zola website?

Yes, you can see who visited your website. Your website is on the list. It works like a log. You can also see what pages they viewed and for how long. It helps you know what they are looking at on your website.

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