Can I Have 2 Amazon Flex Accounts?

I would like to combine the information for one account and two profiles, if possible. I want to accomplish this for two different locations and two different banks.
This is so that I can avoid using the same email for two accounts.
In order to do this I would have to register the same information for two accounts in two different locations.

Is there a limit on Amazon Flex?

There is a weekly limit on Amazon Flex work. It can be increased to 40 hours, but most users have them capped at that point during the busy holiday season.

Can you get kicked off Amazon Flex?

As a matter of fact, Amazon Flex might terminate your contract if you fail to meet their expectations on several occasions. If you believe that the missed blocks or delayed deliveries merit special consideration, it is a good idea to send an email to Amazon and explain your case.

Can Amazon Flex drivers have a passenger?

Yes, drivers and passenger can go together. Passengers are free to come with you. However, the maximum allowable weight for the car while the passenger is in the vehicle is 3,000 pounds.

Can you work Amazon Flex full time?

If you are just starting out as a freelance writer, Amazon Flex is the best choice for you. Because Amazon Flex is part-time, you have the freedom to pursue a career or go to school while still earning money.
If you are already an established writer and want to pursue a full-time Amazon Flex job, it’s a great option for you, too. You will be paid while you pursue a side job, and you can go to school or travel after you finish the job.
If you are an established professional and want to pursue a flexible, side job, Amazon Flex is perfect for you, too.

Is Amazon flex a real job?

Amazon Flex is a job that allows you to choose your own hours and place of work. It’s a good job for people with a car and a reliable car.

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