Can I Have Two 1password Accounts?

You may have several accounts in 1Password and you may be part of many teams. 1Password is easy to switch between your team’s accounts. It’s easy to see what you need when you need it.

Can you have 2 1Password accounts?

If you use several accounts, you can view all of your items at the same time as well as select the account they belong to. You can also view only new items when you set a specific account.

How do I add another account to 1Password?

1Password will prompt you to add your new account on You can add the new account using Add Account or Remove Vault. Copy your existing data to the new account.

How do I use multiple accounts?

On the web, go to and click on your picture. Click on the arrow in the top right corner. A box will come up. Click on Add account. You will be asked to enter your username (name) and password.

How do I use 1Password for families?

Create an account. To begin, log into 1Password. Invite your family members. If needed, create a backup plan. Share passwords with your family to help them remember their credentials. Learn how to use 1Password to help you use it effectively. Guests can be invited and welcomed via the app.

How many people can use 1Password?

with the $1-per-month subscription, you can access all of your passwords on any device, and you can secure all of your important information with 1Password. This service is accessible to anyone, family members included.

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