Can I Pay Netflix Through Itunes?

Netflix is available to pay with iTunes gift cards. Contact Apple support if you are being charged through iTunes.

How do I subscribe to Netflix through iTunes?

Find the Setting section and tap your name. Under the Subscriptions, select Netflix to check your current subscription status. Choose your current plan if you like and tap Save. If you do not want to change your subscription, tap the Cancel button.

Does Netflix bill through iTunes?

To those who are using Apple iTunes as the payment method, we will continue billing through this system until you change your credit card information or cancel your account.

Can you pay Netflix through Apple?

Netflix works inside of your existing payment settings from the iTunes Store and they are processed through Apple. All purchases and subscription fees go through Apple just as they do with any other purchase.

What subscriptions can I pay with iTunes?

From the Play Store, Google Play, or Amazon App Store, you can get apps for your mobile/device. Apps like Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Video are also available.

Why can’t I spend my iTunes money?

You should ask Apple about the issue if you have problems with your iTunes and the App Store.

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