Can I Remove A Gamertag From My Microsoft Account?

Yes, you can remove a gaming account from the Microsoft account. To do so, visit and sign in with the account. Once you’re logged in, click on “Profile” and then “Xbox Profile.” Under “Xbox Profile,” click on “Remove this Xbox profile.

Can you remove Xbox profile from Microsoft account?

You can remove an Xbox profile from a Microsoft account and it is not something that we suggest or not.

Can one Microsoft account have two gamertags?

Yes, you can add multiple gamertags to your Xbox account. To add a new gamertag, open the Xbox app and select “Add a gamer tag” under the “Profile” tab.

Can a gamertag be deleted?

You need to visit the Microsoft website and log in. You then need to go to your account section. Under my account, you will be able to change your gamertag and avatar. Go ahead to change the gamertag.

How do I remove my Xbox Gamertag from my email?

You can remove your Xbox Gamertag with your Xbox app and your account. First, open the app and sign in. Then, go to Settings > Account > Remove Gamertag.

Can I have 2 gamertags on 1 Xbox Live account?

You can only have one gamertag on one Xbox Live account. You cannot change your gamertag.

Can I make a new Xbox Live account with the same email?

You can play Xbox games on PC as well as on Xbox console. Though there are lots of Xbox games in the store, some are only available for Xbox One.

What happens when I remove an Xbox from my Microsoft account?

If you remove a Xbox from your Microsoft account, it will be removed from all devices associated with that account. With the Xbox, uninstalling and reinstalling games, apps, and data will not be possible.

Can you delete Xbox account without deleting Microsoft account?

Yes, you can delete your Xbox account without deleting your Microsoft account. If you go to your “My Xbox” page, you will see that you have an option to delete your account. Simply click on that option and follow the instructions.

How do I make an Xbox account not a child account?

To make your Xbox account not a child account. You need to be over the age of 18. If not, you can ask a parent or guardian to help you with this process. First, open the Xbox app and sign in with the account you want to make not a child account. Second, select “Settings” and then “Account.” Under “Family settings,” select “Manage family members.

Can I transfer my Xbox game pass to another account?

Yes, you can transfer your Xbox Game Pass subscriptions to other accounts. Go to to see all of your accounts, then select the account that you want to transfer to and select Transfer. Enter the email address and password of the account that you want to transfer and then select Transfer.

How many Xbox profiles can you have?

So you only get 8 profiles on an Xbox.

How do you permanently delete a Xbox Gamertag?

Xbox Gamertags are not deleted permanently. They are linked with your phone number and the games you played earlier.

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