Can My Child Use My Xbox Live Gold Account?

Xbox Live for kids account is a free account that gives the child full access to the entire platform. It is a separate account from an adult Xbox Live account. Parents can restrict the access of their kids’ account so that they can only play games they want them to play, and they can use the Online Privacy Browser to monitor and control their kids’ internet activity.

How do I share my Xbox Live Gold account with my child?

To add a family member, press the Xbox button, go to Profile & system > Settings > Account > Family settings > Manage family members > Select the person to add, then press A on your controller.

Do I need a separate Xbox Live account for my child?

If you want to get the most out of your Xbox Live account for your Xbox 360, it is important that you sign in as many times as you can to your Xbox Live account. If it is activated in more than one Xbox Live account, it is most efficient if only one account is active in each household. Once you sign in to your account, press the “Xbox” button on your controller to open up a menu bar running along the left side. Then select “Home”.

Can I add my child to my Xbox Live account?

If you do not do this you will have to create a Family user account to play games.

Can my son play on my Xbox Live account?

Children’s privacy is very interesting. The Microsoft family service is used by a lot of people who have kids. The parents can give the kids permission to play games, and the kids can control what they play and how.

How can I get my child to play Xbox Live?

To get your child to play Xbox Live, go to the main account where you manage all the Family accounts. Then go to All Settings -> Account -> Family and select the child account that you want to give access.

Does my child need an email address for Xbox One?

The Xbox One requires a child to have a Microsoft Account in order to be added, or to be able to access their family’s profile.

How do I make my child a parent account on Xbox One?

“Promote this account to a parent account”

After the promotion is made the original owner can delete the child’s account and have the child become the owner of his/her own account.

On the “Promote” screen select the Childs account and click promote.

How do I turn my child account into a parent account on Xbox?

As you can see on the right, you have three options, you can edit your personal information or you can edit your child’s personal information.

Why does my Xbox account say I’m a child?

If you created an Xbox LIVE account when you were under the age of 18, it was classified as a child account. Child accounts can be managed through the Family Settings in Windows Live. Limitations due to being linked to a parent’s Windows Live ID and Windows Live ID restrictions are removed during this promotion.

How do I make my Xbox Live account not my child?

Select the Privacy tab at the bottom of the Xbox One, or the Online safety tab at the bottom of the Xbox 360 to make changes to your child’s account.

How do I change my Microsoft account from child to normal?

To change the email you use with your Microsoft account, find your birthday on the Microsoft account website. Change the date, then click Save Personal Info. Finally, sign in using the new email address.

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