Can Someone Else Have A Snapchat Account With My Number?

A person can change his or her username on Snapchat using someone else’s phone number. It is his or her wish to select a username. You can also use someone else’s phone number to sign in. You will get a verification code on the same number.

Can you have 2 Snapchat accounts with the same phone number?

On your smartphone, when you open Snapchat, you are only able to open one account at a time. Unlike Instagram, where users can have multiple accounts.

How did someone get my phone number on Snapchat?

If you include your phone number on the app (or in the same contact list), it will appear on others’ accounts if they have saved your number.

Is it safe to give Snapchat your number?

Security experts said that consumers should be careful about disclosing their phone number. This is because consumers change their numbers more often than their IP address and almost certainly not their home address.

Can you make a secret Snapchat account?

It will turn white. This will protect you from being added to a Quick Add section of your friends’ friends list. This means that only your friends can contact you and see your Story.

Can you have 2 Snapchat accounts with the same email?

The rules and regulations are not the same for every single Snapchat account, it’s the one you use. You can use the same number with more than one account.

Can someone have two Snapchat accounts?

Yes, you can have more than one account on Snapchat. You can open up a second account simply in case your first one is lost or stolen.

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