Can Someone Tell If I Check Their Location On iPhone?

Can Someone Tell If I Check Their Location On iPhone

In this blog post, we will talk about how to check someone’s location on iPhone. It is a sensitive topic because the person may not know you are checking their location, and it could be an invasion of privacy. 

We’ll cover how to use the Find My Friends app, which apps give your exact location, and what data is available through the device. Can someone tell if I check their location on iPhone? Read on to find out.

How Can You Check Someone’s Location On iPhone?

To check someone’s location on iPhone, you can use apps like the Find My app, use maps contacts, or use Appcamp to check someone’s location on iPhone.

Using Maps Contacts

Maps Contacts is a feature in your iPhone’s Maps app. You can check any of your contacts’ locations on your iPhone by just tapping and holding their name. You will see a map with the location, but you cannot save more than one place at once. If you want to do that, we recommend buying a third-party app from App Store instead. However, it is possible to save the location of a place you have been; just tap and hold on to that spot instead.

In summary, this displays your Contacts list’s family and friends on a map. In Maps, hit the bookmark icon in any search field, after which tap the Contacts button found at the bottom of your screen to utilize the Contacts function. Touch a contact’s name in the list to get a map of their location.

Click the Groups button found in the top-left corner of your screen, and then tap the group name to limit the Contacts list to specific groups (that is, if you have some groups in your list of contacts. The list will now only shows contacts that are members of this group. To go back to the map, hit the Done button found on the top-right corner of your screen once you’re done with the Contacts list.

Using the Find My app

The Find My app is a beneficial one that you can use to track your iPhone if it was lost or stolen. You will need to install this app on all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) in case they get separated from each other. Just like Maps Contacts, you can also save places by using this feature on your iPhone.

You can track other iOS devices using the Find My app by signing in with your Apple ID. Using this feature, you will be able to send messages and erase data remotely from lost or stolen iPhones. This is one useful app that should always be installed on all iOS devices.

If you own an iOS device, then do not forget to install the Find My app, which can be downloaded from App Store for free. You should also sign in with your Apple ID so that it works properly on all kinds of iPhones and iPads. This feature is supported via iCloud, or you have to use a Wi-Fi connection while tracking. You can even track your device’s location in the background, which helps you to keep a check on it at all times.

If this app is installed on any iOS device, you will be able to view the battery percentage left to help in tracking purposes more accurately. This feature will also let you see how many miles away your device is from you. You can even create a passcode to access the app, which makes it more secure for usage purposes only on your devices.

This feature allows you to send messages and sounds to all other iOS devices so that they can be located quickly if there was some problem with them or they were lost somewhere in between. Using this feature, you can even erase all data on your iOS devices remotely, ensuring that no hacker or thief can access any of your information. This is one useful app that you must have installed to keep track of other iOS devices.

Can Someone Tell If I Check Their Location On iPhone?

The answer is no unless you use a tracking app. Whenever you check someone’s location or someone else checks yours, it is not possible to tell.

You can be sure that no one will know if you decide to check the location on your iPhone, as long as they don’t have physical access. In other words: unless someone breaks into your phone or takes a screenshot while it’s open and checks for this information themselves (which is practically impossible), nothing is giving them access inside the Find My Friends app- so go ahead with checking up all day long without worry.

Nonetheless, if you want to know who can see your location, you can open the “Find My” application on your iPhone to see if you’ve shared your iPhone’s location with anybody. Check the people in the list by tapping the “People” icon located at the bottom of the window. Your friends and family, as well as anyone with whom you’ve revealed your location, will be displayed here. An “X” sign means that you have not shared your location with this person. You can also look at the map to see where they are located at any time.

Why Would Someone Need To Check The iPhone Location?

There are many reasons why someone would need to check iPhone location. These may include :

– To check whether their child is at the right place or not.

– To know where a family member spends most of his time, especially if they are old and need care.

– If you have lost your phone somewhere in the house and want to find it as soon as possible.

– To find out whether your nanny is actually taking care of your child or just playing with the phone.

– To track your partner’s location to make sure they are not cheating on you.

– To check whether a spouse is really working late or going somewhere else.

– If you have lost the phone and with it, essential data that would be better for others not to get access to.

– Many more reasons why someone would want to check iPhone location.

How To Check iPhone Location History

To check your location history, go to Settings on your phone and navigate to the Privacy setting. Click on Location Services and then on System Services. You will see Significant Locations. This is where you can see the different locations you have been to. 

If you do not want your phone to keep tracking your locations, you can turn off Location Services by going to Settings on your iPhone and turning off the Location Service.

How To Tell If Someone Is Tracking Your iPhone

You may not be able to tell when someone has checked your location, but you can tell when someone is tracking your phone. Someone may be tracking your iPhone without you knowing. Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Unusual behavior, like an app closing out when you don’t close it. Or your battery life keeps draining even though you haven’t used the device much that day. This may be a sign of tracking software running in the background on your device.
  • You are having poor cell reception and have to keep turning on your Wi-Fi. If you aren’t connected to a public network, this could mean someone is piggybacking off your device’s connection or that the malware has sent out information through its home base server while trying to find a better signal.
  • You see an unknown number frequently popping up on your phone. This could be the number of the person tracking you, but it can also mean that someone is trying to see if they have access to your device and are seeing what other numbers will come up on their screen so they know who else might be connected through this device.
  • Strange emails or texts are coming through with links that you don’t recognize or that go to suspicious websites. If you click on the link and it takes you somewhere dangerous, this can be a sign of malware tracking your device, which often happens through links in texts and emails.
  • A notification showing up for an app download when there wasn’t one before could mean someone is trying to install something on your device.
  • Someone sees a text message from you that you didn’t send. This could mean the person tracking your phone has gained access to it and is sending messages without you knowing.


If you’re worried about someone knowing if you checked their location on your iPhone, don’t be. They would need physical access to the device and learn how to check for that information. In other words, unless they break into your phone or take a screenshot of it while you have it open, there’s no way for them to see what you do inside an app like Find My Friends. So go ahead and keep checking locations all day long without fear.

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