Can You Change Curious Cat Username?

Yes, you can change your username from “curious_1y” to “curious_4y”. You can do this by opening the app and tapping on the three dots in the top left corner of the main screen. Then select ‘Settings’ and ‘Profile’. There you can enter your new username.

Are you automatically Anonymous on Curious Cat?

The only difference between the way you behave on the Internet and the way we behave online is that we are anonymous — we are not being tracked by the government or by private companies.

Did Curious Cat shut down?

There is some confusion about this, but Curious Cat was acquired by Stack Exchange, and the team is now working on integrating it with Stack Exchange.

How do I delete my Curious Cat account?

To delete your account, go to and select “Remove Account”.

Is Curious Cat anonymous without account?

There is no reason to not share the cat with someone who lives in a different part of the world, does not know how to write code, and does not want your personal information to go to a certain government.

How do you delete an anonymous question on CuriousCat?

If you are the person that asked this question, you can delete it by going to your questions page and clicking on the link to delete in the question. If you are not the person that asked the question, you are not allowed to delete it.

What killed the CuriousCat?

The CuriousCat was launched because college students had to use their phones to pass the time while in class. Students loved the app, especially because it was free to use. However, when they graduated and went off to college, the app didn’t have enough users. This caused the app to crash, and it eventually closed down.

Why is CuriousCat gone?

CuriousCats was an app that allowed users to ask and answer questions. However, it was shut down in early 2019. There are a few reasons why CuriousCat may have shut down. One possibility is that it wasn’t able to compete with other Q&A apps, such as Quora and Reddit. Additionally, its founder, Ben Finkel, left the company in early 2018, which may have led to its downfall.

Is it safe to use CuriousCat?

CuriousCat is completely secure as long as you use the free version of our product was well.

How do you use Curious Cat?

Curious Cat is a web site and app that allows people to ask questions and receive answers from other people in the community. It can be used for personal or professional purposes, and is a great way to connect with others who have similar interests.

How do I contact a Curious Cat?

You can always contact them with the instructions on their website.

How do I find the IP address of an anonymous message?

It is not possible to trace an anonymous message because of the sender’s anonymity. However, there are techniques to help in order to trace the sender. One way would be to look at time stamps of messages and see if the message has been sent from a specific location or device.

Can you block someone on CuriousCat?

The three dots in the top right corner of the user’s profile will allow you to open the user’s profile and block the user.

Why do we ask questions?

We get information on important topics.

What brought back the cat?

One of the possible reasons why the cat returns back to its owner after being gone a while, is that the cat wants to go back with its owner’s belongings. Another possibility is that the cat is homesick and wants to return back to its original owner’s home.

Is curiosity killed the cat a theme?

The phrase “curiosity killed the cat” is a popular saying. It’s said that being curious can be dangerous. Some people might say that the theme of the phrase is that curiosity can have negative consequences, while others might say that it’s about learning from mistakes.

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