Can You Delete A Run On Nike Plus?

Open the Nike+ Running App. Tap the Menu icon in the upper left hand corner. Tap “Activity”. Locate the workout you want to delete and swipe it right to left.

How do I delete runs from Nike Run Club?

Nike Run Club is an app that you can download from the App Store, or Google Play. You can delete runs from Nike Run Club by following these steps: Tap on the More tab on the bottom right of your screen. Tap on My Runs and then tap on Delete All Runs to delete all of your runs at once.

How do I edit a run on Nike Plus?

You need to contact Nike Plus customer service in order to edit your run data.

How do I delete a Nike workout?

To delete a Nike workouts from the Google Play store, tap the hamburger menu by the Nike logo on the Google home screen. Next, tap on “My Activity.” Finally, tap the Nike icon next to “Delete Workouts” and tap the three-line menu that appears.

How do I delete workouts on Nike Training Club?

Go to your workouts tab by going to the “My Workouts” tab on Nike Training Club and see if you want to delete a workout.

How do I reset my Nike Run?

In order to reset your Nike Run to work, you have to: hold down the power button for 10 seconds, then hit the power button again. Once your Nike Run appears on the screen, press and hold the power button again for 10 seconds.

How do you start a new run on Nike running app?

To start a new run of the Nike app for training exercises, tap the “Start” button at the bottom of the screen.

Can I reset my Nike running app?

Your running track has reset. You can now enter your details again.

How do you delete friends on Nike running app?

You can delete friends on the Nike Friends app. There’s a green trash can icon on top of all the friends on the app, as well as the trashcan icon on the top left corner of the app.

How do you change pace on Nike running app?

The steps per minute (SPM) pace can be selected through the “Settings” tab as well, after tapping the “Pace” option.

Why is my Nike running app not accurate?

The Nike running app does not take into account the differences in stride length of different genders and different body sizes. That can be caused by height, weight, leg length, and other factors.

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