Can You Delete Airbnb Reviews?

There are options for adding a public response, so you can respond to the reviews. We can’t remove them if they do not break our Review Policy. Learn how to report a review that you believe breaches the policy if you want to dispute one.

Can you delete airbnb reviews?

By default, you cannot submit a review. You have to use the dispute option in order to report a review. To remove a review you need to break the Review Policy. To learn how to dispute a review you need to report it first.

Can you delete reviews on your Airbnb profile?

You can’t delete negative reviews that other people wrote about you. Before you can remove a review, it has to be published for at least a week and if it breaks the review policy it’s deleted.

How do I edit a review on Airbnb?

Both papers are now available, and neither are modification-able. This implies that you will not receive the 48 hours to modify your own paper because they have been published. As a result, it is critical to carefully proofread and ensure your evaluation is correct before submitting the final button to submit your paper. Make sure everything you want to say is included.

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