Can You Delete Messages On Letgo?

Please note that chats are permanent. You can’t recover them even if you send a new message unless the other party sends a new one.

Can the other person still see the message if you delete it?

There is no way for you to delete a message after it’s been delivered to your conversation. The only method of deleting the conversation is if you’ve both done so. You could also delete the conversation from your Messages app, but that would erase it from your phone’s history as well.

Can you delete message conversations?

Delete a conversation by opening Messages and selecting the ‘Delete’ button on the dropdown menu for the contact in question. Then, select one of your contacts from the drop-down menu inside Settings to access their list of conversations. If you select the contact whose conversation you want to delete, it will be deleted.

How do you permanently delete messages on PS4?

You can’t erase messages on your PS4 permanently, but you can delete messages you’ve received with the “Leave” option in the Options menu. You can continue to communicate with that person. You can use the Messages app to communicate with friends.

Why can’t I delete text messages?

Go to the Settings Menu, and find Apps. Find your SMS app, and delete it. Delete the data for your app, and then quit its settings. Then restart your phone.

What happens when you delete a conversation on messages?

If you conceal a discussion, then you can return to it again without the other participants knowing that you were there before. Delete a copy of the conversation permanently. It does not remove the discussion from the memories of other participants.

Can someone read my deleted text messages?

Yeah, they can do anything, and with the help of your phone you can easily get access and download that data and if you want, you can delete them.

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