Can You Delete Posts On Amino?

You can delete amino posts by opening it and tapping the red delete icon in the top right hand corner. Confirm the deletion.

Can you delete a post?

Deleting the post keeps your comment safe and private. It doesn’t delete your comment, and it also doesn’t delete the post itself. Deleted comments are never visible, unless you’re a moderator, in which case they’re visible to you as well.

How do I delete a post on someone else’s wall?

You can also see the deleted posts as red, which shows that it was removed for a reason.

How do I quickly delete messages on amino?

Delete messages can be done on a few different ways on Amino. The first way to do this is to open the message you want to delete and then press the delete button on your keyboard. The second way to do this is to swipe left on the message you want to delete. The third way to delete a message is to long press on the message and then choose delete.

How do you delete amino video?

In order to delete an album, first open the album in the “My albums” section, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the album and “Delete album”.

How do I delete posts?

To delete a post on Quora, click the “Delete” button that appears immediately after the post is clicked.

Why do we delete post?

There are a few reasons why we might remove a post. For example, sometimes an error in a post gets picked up, in which case the post might get removed – but it doesn’t mean that the post was false.

Are Friends notified when you delete a post?

When you delete a post, your friends will be notified.

What happens when you delete a post that has been shared?

If you delete a post that the user has shared, the sharer will still have a copy of the post along with the post that was removed.

Can I delete a comment I made on someone else’s Facebook?

Yes, you can delete a comment that you posted on someone else’s Facebook page. To do this, hover over the comment and click the three dots in the top right corner. From there, select Delete and confirm your decision.

How do I hide posts on amino?

To hide Amino posts from public, go to your profile and click on the settings button. From there, scroll down to privacy and check the box that says “hide posts from the public.

How do I delete photos from amino?

To delete photos from Amino, you can either:1) Copy the photo to another photo editing tool, like Microsoft Paint.2) Delete the photo from your phone’s photo library, and then re-upload it to Amino.

How do I delete an amino?

You can’t delete the amino in the edit menu. You only have to select it, like you would with any other piece of content, right-click and click “delete” or “cut”.

How do I get visitors back on amino?

There are two ways you can get your visitors back on the app:-Get popular with your friends.-Post interesting and engaging content that will interest your target audience.-Participate in popular chats and discussions on the app.

How do I edit my amino profile on my computer?

You will need to log into your account on the amino website before you can edit any profiles. You can also see a list of all of your profiles on the right-hand side of the page by clicking on the “edit” link next to a profile.

How do I change my amino?

I find most companies have a general policy on what an amino should do once he or she is given an assignment. However, some companies have more detailed polices that I have not seen online anywhere else.

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