Can You Delete Things From The Cloud?

Deleting a file on SugarSync is not really deleting the file. It’s similar to Recycle Bin in Windows OS/MacOS, or Trash in OS X. SugarSync makes backups of your deleted files and keeps them in the Deleted Files folder. You can always restore them and not forget them, as long as they aren’t over the limit of 30 days.

“Is There Any Way To Really Delete Things From The Cloud?”

There are some files on your Dropbox account that will stay around even if you delete them. It’s not possible to be fully sure of all the things that Dropbox has saved on your hard drive. However, you can delete a lot of stuff.

Can you delete stuff from the cloud?

If you delete a photo from inside the Google Photos app, it will move to your Trash folder. You can access your Trash folder later. If you choose “empty trash”, you will move all photos and videos from inside the Trash folder.

Can you permanently delete things from iCloud?

The company will delete your files if you lost them within the last month, even if you deleted them on your iCloud Drive, ICloud account or on another device.

Can I delete things from my phone if they are on iCloud?

Apple’s iCloud service has features that enable you to share photos across multiple devices, as well as automatic backups. Because of this connection, deleting a photo on your iPhone means it will also be deleted from iCloud.

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