Can You Have 2 Parentpay Accounts?

You may be able to have 2 individual ParentPay accounts per student. This means that parents can make payments for their children separately when they are separate children.

Can you have two ParentPay accounts?

You need to be a parent with more than one child in school.

How do I add a secondary payer to ParentPay?

A secondary payer can be added to ParentPay by contacting their customer service department.

How do I add another child to ParentPay?

This process is similar to adding a child to PayPal. Follow the instructions on the “Add Child” page.

How do I merge my parents pay accounts?

In order to merge your parents’ pay accounts, you’ll need to have their bank account numbers as well as their passwords. You can then go into their online banking and fill out a form that asks for your information as well as theirs.

Can you have 2 school Gateway accounts?

You can have 2 school Gateway accounts.

You can create new accounts by following these instructions:1) Go to the Gateway website and click Sign Up.2) Create a new school with your email address.3) Fill out your username, password, and email address.4) Click Create an Account.5) Select or create a PIN of your choice and enter it twice.6) Click “Create My Account.

In the second row, the “I’m new” link is underlined in yellow.

How do I add another child to ParentMail?

To add a new child to your family tree, go to your user profile and click on the “Manage Family” button. You can then go to the child and click on the “plus” icon next to the child’s name to edit their information.

How do I delete my ParentPay account?

To delete an account, you need to click the “Delete Account” link at the top of the ParentPay website.

How do I add a child on Scopay?

If you want to add a child, you will first need to create her account. To do this, go to the “Create Account” tab and fill out all of the required information. Once the account is created, you can then add her as a child to your account by going to “Manage Family Members”.

How do I change my ParentPay password?

The account password can be changed by going to your “My Profile” tab and clicking on the “Change Password” link.

What is parent account credit?

Parent account credit is an account that allows parents to set up money that will be given to their child if they spend more than their parents do. It’s a good way for parents to make sure their children don’t spend too much money.

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