Can You Have 2 Spotify Accounts On Sonos?

Sonos 5.2, which was launched for the public beta a few days ago, adds multi-account support so you can switch between different streaming music services without switching between Sonos devices.

Can Sonos have multiple Spotify accounts?

The new version of the Sonos software comes with five streaming services to link with. A premium membership is needed to use this feature.

How do I switch Spotify accounts on Sonos?

What I do is that I have the new account logged in first in the Spotify app, and when I’m done I open up the sonos app, and click on the Spotify icon in that app. Then I have “select Spotify” under the header. You are safe!!

Can I have 2 Sonos systems on one account?

Using Sonos systems on the same network is possible. All the systems can be on the same IP subnet because they don’t interfere with each other on the same subnet.

Can Sonos have multiple users?

Sonos is a home theater system that allows you to play the same song in different rooms. A lot of people use it because it is a community.

How do I add a second Sonos account?

Open Sonos and in the top menu, go to Settings > Music & Content > Music > Add a Service > Add > Choose a Service > Create a profile.

How do I add a family member to my Spotify account?

When you sign-in, you will be asked to enter your email address and password. Choose Premium for Family from the left sidebar. Select Get Started from the drop-down menu. You will then be asked to enter the email you want to invite and also the password for that email.

How do I use multiple Sonos accounts?

You should be able to have more accounts on an app. You need to log in to your Google account two times. If you do this on your own phone, you’ll be able to set it so that the app defaults to the right account.

How do I get 2 Spotify apps?

DON’T INSTALL THE MODIFIED SPOTIFY YET. It will let you to install it later. Remove all versions of Spotify you have. Download Spotify from the Play Store and install it.

How many devices Spotify family?

Spotify has made it easier for the people to enjoy music. You can check online if you have the app, and if you want, get the premium plan.

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