Can You Reactivate A Deviantart Account?

You can reactivate your account by going to your settings or by using the help section. Please mind that once your account has passed the 21-day self-reactivation period, it cannot be reactivated.

Can you reactivate your account after deactivating it?

The email you used to create your account have been canceled. In a few days you will no longer receive an email from the platform as confirmation of your deletion. This email was sent to your inbox as a confirmation the email address you used to create your account.

Can you log into a deactivated DeviantART account?

You can still access your account and your notes, but cannot access your settings and create new deviations.

Can you make a second DeviantART account?

If you want to sign up for a new “” account with the same email, you need to do as follows: You can have a completely new account with the same email address.

Can you reactivate a deactivated Twitter account after 30 days?

An account can be deactivated if it has not been used for three months. During the three-month period, you may not create any new tweets, search for tweets or reattempt to login. During this period you can log in to your account (but not reply to, send tweets or view your timelines) but you won’t be able to post any new tweets. If you want access to your account again there is a 30-day grace period from the date of deactivation.

How long is a Twitter suspension?

Depending on the severity, you can face one or more days.

How do you Unsuspend your Twitter account fast?

If you think your account was erroneously banned, you may reinstate it.

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