Can You Take An Inactive Instagram Username?

However, to report an impersonation account or trademark infringement, you must first be able to access the account.

Can I buy an inactive username?

The “for sale” feature enables you to discover and bid for a username that others have previously purchased, abandoned their account and has become available for purchase.

How to take over an inactive Instagram account?

First, enter Instagram in your browser’s address bar and then click “top posts.” Scroll down until you see a blue text reading “activity unknown.” Make a note of these users.

Can someone else take over an inactive account on Instagram?

It is not possible for someone else to take over an inactive account if it is locked down by Instagram.If you have logged on to an inactive account, however, you are able to change the username.

Can someone else take over an inactive account?

It is not possible to change the account name of an inactive account. If the account goes into the inactive state, we lock it down. We do not allow others to assume the name of the inactive account. All the information that is posted into the inactivated account is deleted and all of its followers will be notified to change their follower list with the new follower list.

Why is my Instagram username inactive?

Instagram has to protect your account from people who are trying to abuse the service from multiple accounts. This is why it’s not allowed. If you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, then it’s not allowed. You’re only able to use one Instagram account, at a time.

Can I take my inactive username?

The first person to sign up using a username that has been inactive in the past six months will get it automatically. They’ll be able to use that username for an entire year. If someone else already used that username after it was inactive, however, the first sign-up will be the one that gets it. You’ll be able to choose a new username before that first year expires or you’ll lose your inactive nickname.

What is an inactive Instagram username?

Inactive accounts are accounts that have been unused for a period of time. The accounts can be reactivated, but the user must go through a process that can take days or weeks. Inactive accounts can only be reactivated at Instagram’s discretion. There are four states an account can be in: cold storage, inactive, disabled or dead account. A dead account is inactive but will not be deleted for 3 years. An inactive account has not been used in 13 months and can be reactivated.

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