Common Cyber Security Threats and How to Deal With Them

Since the very beginning of the digital world and computer technology, cyber security has always been a matter of concern due to the dynamic nature of cyber security threats and breaches. Digital technology has played a big role in simplifying our complex lifestyles in numerous ways. At the same time, we also can’t deny the fact that with the rise of technology, vulnerabilities have also increased. 

With the advancements in computer technologies, hackers and attackers have also gained advantages by using the same technologies and algorithms to attack the vulnerable systems in a sophisticated way.

Now the ways of doing business and trade have completely changed, with the help of the internet, businesses now have a global reach. And in achieving so, they have taken robust measures on their website security regardless of the scale of their business. As most vulnerable are the less secure ones. 

Here in this blog, you will know about the common cyber security threats that are going to exist, regardless of the advancements in technologies. Also, you will learn the basic things, which might prove to be helpful to protect your computer, network, and other devices from these threats.

What are cyber security threats and why is it important?

Cyber threats are the tactics used by malicious actors to gain unauthorized access to a computer or other information systems to steal data, cause panic or fear and to restrict the access of the users for financial gains, to cause disruptions and other malicious intentions. Now, you know what cyber security threats are? 

Emerging and ongoing threats and data breaches have made businesses, organizations and even individuals take robust security measures to protect their data and privacy. It’s so, because if your data is stolen or security is breached, it can be in numerous ways by the malicious hackers and attackers.

It can make you lose your data and intellectual property rights, patents, copyrights and other trade or business secrets. Almost every attack and breach finds its way through the less secured and most vulnerable websites. Along with the software and hardware security, website security also has become an important concern for the businesses.

Phishing threats and attacks: 

In phishing attacks, malicious actors’ lures victims to click on a particular link which usually seems to be an authentic entity, which is malicious in actuality. This link redirects the victims to some site which mimics the original one. Here when you enter your login credentials, hackers gain access to it all and use this for accessing your bank accounts and for other malicious intentions.

How can you stay protected from phishing attacks?

To avert phishing attacks, business owners should deploy email security measures. Avoid clicking suspicious links and if you find any suspicious activity, report it immediately to your IT admin, security advisor or department.

In addition to this, proper cyber security awareness drives and proper training should be given to your employees. Deploy proper spam filter and email firewall software on your system. Always look for https and a padlock icon in your browser.


It is a software, intentionally designed to cause damage to a computer system, server and other information systems for malicious intentions. These usually find a way to your computer and networks through unsecure websites and may come attached in spam emails.

Once malware gets installed on your systems and intercepts your networks, hackers have all the access to your sensitive data and information, can disrupt your operations, can replicate your data and they can damage your system as well.

How can you stay protected from Malware attacks?

To avert malware attacks, install sophisticated antivirus software and never download files from unknown sources. Before accessing a website or web link, make sure if it is an authentic and trustworthy entity.


It is a malicious software designed to encrypt a victim’s data and to block access to a computer system, until a ransom is paid. This works most in the case of small business owners as they are the one to pay easily to regain access to their systems and to keep their business running. Because small businesses often neglect to keep a backup of their data, once they become a victim. The game is totally in the attackers’ hands.

How can you stay protected of Ransomware attacks?

In addition to investing in a reliable security system to safeguard your networks, business owners should keep a regular backup of data on some sort of external storage devices or on cloud storage platforms. As somehow you become a victim, you don’t lose anything and your business is not affected from this in a negative way. Keeping a data backup is considered one of the wisest steps in business strategies.

Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks: 

MITM is one of those information security threats, which occurs when a hacker or malicious agent intercepts the ongoing communication between a server and browser or two parties (such as two computers, or a computer and a network appliance) to eavesdrop or tamper with the data exchanging data packets. The attacker spoofs their address and pretends to be like the original entity.

How can you stay protected from MITM attacks?

– Without a second thought, always use HTTPS websites.

– Avoid visiting questionable sources 

– Use a VPN to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the exchanging data packets.

Infallible solution

In addition to the measures mentioned above. Using a Wildcard SSL Certificate is an infallible measure to safeguard you against the common cyber security threats. As it protects all the subdomains pertaining under a base domain and helps you to keep all your websites. It reduces the chances of data theft and breaches to a big extent.

If you are clueless to find out, from where to buy Cheap PositiveSSL Wildcard.  You can buy Positive SSL wildcard certificates from several certificate providers like CheapSSLShop and other certificate providers.


Cyber security threats are unavoidable aspects of cyber technology. We can’t end this completely, but we can avert the consequences that we may face after becoming a victim by using basic security measures and little cautiousness. As the old man says,” Precaution is also a cure “.

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