Top 10 Cybersecurity Trends That Affected Mobile Platform In 2021

Top 10 Cybersecurity Trends

Today’s rapidly emerging technologies and developments have resulted in a considerable loss of secure user data in 2021. There are a lot of people who reported a significant loss of highly important and confidential data from their mobile phones. 

Today’s devices, platforms, and service providers indeed promise data security and privacy but cybersecurity breaches continue to happen and affect the end users. Increased use of mobile devices due to COVID-19 gave further rise to such loss. 

Most people think about how is it possible for someone to spy without access to target phone but there are countless mobile applications that require accessing the device at least once. From basic phone operations like calls and messages to VoIP communications and social media, everything can go into the wrong hands at any time. 

Increased Cybersecurity

The majority of enterprise owners decided to improvise cybersecurity measures so that they can satisfy their end users. It involves almost every sector from education and business to health and entertainment. According to a report by PwC, most of the cybersecurity cases represent business-critical security breaches. It has resulted in huge pressure on the majority of security organizations to ensure maximum privacy and confidentiality

Smartphone Security

The debate for improving smartphone security continues. Manufacturers and service providers are in the quest of bringing the most secure devices and applications to guarantee maximum privacy. Along with Android, iOS is also facing critical challenges. The majority of people use smartphones to stay engaged with the world which has given a considerable rise to enhance smartphone security. 

Spyware Mobile Apps

From today’s high-end mobile devices to the majority of apps that people use, risks are equal but there are more chances of losing access to your phone at least once. From allowing someone to spy without access to target phone to getting remote access to the target device, using the mic, monitoring social media activity, calls, messages, and much more, there is a lot of data and information that can be easily affected. 

COVID-19 Compliance

At an end, where people lose important data and information, mobile platform plays an important role in helping organizations and individuals to ensure COVID-19 compliance. There are ways through which organizations can make the most out of mobile devices through digital health passes, remote operations, online training, and ensure maximum social distancing. 

Risky Mobile Authentications

Continuous mobile authentication has brought significant ease to mobile users but it is one of the targets for mobile phone hackers. Industry critics are still debating on the risk of using those apps that require one-time passwords and then follow continuous identity authentication. But on the other hand, mobile users have continued to use their preferred apps regardless of the security risks that are involved. So mobile users should not only worry about allowing someone unintentionally to spy without access to target phone, but it is also important to consider the increased use of automated mobile authentications.

Improved Network Security

Networking is at the core of everything that’s why it needs greater attention. It is evident that a lot of efforts were made to strengthen network security in 2021. All the major telco companies have taken immediate measures to increase the level of cybersecurity by expanding their resources. Along with that, impacts can also be seen at the manufacturing end, where hardware companies strive to bring new products and solutions.

Cloud Protection

It is expected that the Cloud Workload Protection Platform will be a prominent shift. It will allow the end users to access their data and information without passwords. According to most of the industry experts, Cloud will be the most influential platform to ensure more and improved digital security. That’s one of the key trends that have been in discussions. 

Higher Business Risk

With every passing day, there are countless reasons due to which ensuring maximum mobile security is mandatory but on the other, there are several risks involved in doing online business. Not only that Android mobile apps can hack and get useful information but professional hackers can easily get their hands on the most important and confidential set of data through mobile devices. It is now possible because the majority of business services are now available on the Android platform and people opt to use them frequently.

Increased Cybercrime Rate

It is also noticeable that the rate of cybercrime broke all previous records. The majority of sources report that there was a greater number of privacy breaches, credential abuse, phishing activities, and data theft cases this year. So, from mobile to IoT, everything has been largely impacted resulting in a significant amount of both monetary and non-monetary loss. On the other hand, it is also evident that security organizations have contributed the best of their resources to reduce these cases and deliver greater security to the end users. 

Higher Risks for IoT

With the inception of 5G, usage of increased bandwidth and seamless network performance gave a significant rise to IoT. According to the majority of industry experts, IoT appears to be the most vulnerable and affected segment when it comes to looking at the recent cybersecurity statistics. It cannot be denied that the majority of breaches resulted due to human errors but it is also a fact that no matter how far we stretch the limits of technology, ensuring maximum data security and privacy will continue to be the biggest challenge.

Conclusively, all the above-mentioned cybersecurity issues have largely impacted the mobile platform, its users, and key stakeholders. Not only that service providers and security vendors opted for joint efforts and acquisitions but manufacturers and end users are also trying their best to overcome these challenges. 

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