Discord: How To Use Blockquotes?

Discord allows you to set a block list. To do this, open the discord chat window and select Block list. Click the New block list button, enter the name of your list (Example: “no-visas”) and click Add. This will block people from sending you messages that you specifically set to be blocked.

How do you use quotes in discord?

To insert quotes into a Discord post or chat, open the “Quote” menu and select “Quote”.

How do you highlight in discord?

To highlight in Discord, you must open the Discord app and log in. Once logged in, click on the three lines in the top left corner of the main screen (this is where your server name and profile picture are). Next, click on the “Server Settings” button in the bottom left corner. On the “Server Settings” page, under the “Discord” section, click the “Highlight Colors” button.

Can you use HTML in discord?

You can use **HTML** in **Discord**. However, due to Discord’s **HTML** syntax, you’ll **need** **CSS**.

How do you quote something?

There are some ways to quote something. The most common way is to use quotation marks. For example John said I am the only one who can save you.

How do you quote someone?

There are some ways to quote someone. One way is to use someone’s exact words. Another way is to use a paraphrase of what the quote said.

How do you highlight text?

There are a number of ways to highlight, highlight and bold in document processing. Another way is to use the “highlighter” tool that comes with most word processors. Another way is to use the “text highlighting” feature of Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

Why does Discord highlight?

Discord has a feature called voice-based text that highlights text that is spoken aloud. Discord also highlights text that is being sent to a group chat so that everyone in the chat can see it.

What does RED text mean in Discord?

Yellow text in Discord means that something is urgent but can wait a few minutes.

How do I embed a script in discord?

Discord Bot Builder can be accessed on Github. You will need Node.js, Discord, and Bot Builder to run the bot.

How do you make a discord in html?

Here is a simple Discord code for iframes: [![](https://imgur.com/9v1FjfR)](https://imgur.com/9v1FjfR), [![](https://imgur.com/hGw0Jg9)](https://imgur.com/hGw0Jg9).

How do I use Python code in discord?

Discord is a voice and text chat app that can be used in gaming, businesses, and more. Python is the language you can use to interact with Discord. Check out the documentation to get started.

How do you write red text in Discord?

If you use any of the commands below, you will have to change the “Text Color” setting on your Discord server to “Text Color” for it to work.

What does yellow mean on Discord?

In Discord, you can tell what message type they are by the color of the message. Yellow messages are notifications or alerts. Green messages are messages from other users. Blue messages are messages from servers or bots.

How do you highlight on a PC?

To highlight text on a PC, press and hold the CTRL key, then select the text you wish to highlight, and press the left CTRL key twice. To remove the highlighted text, press the left CTRL key twice again.

What tool allows you to highlight?

You can use tools which highlight the important parts of the text.

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