Do Audible Books Take Up Space On Your Phone?

Audible books are around 1GB in size, and they weigh around 1GB. So, they do take a lot more space on your phone than an app.

How much space do Audible books take up?

The number of people who would like to read books on audible is about as the number who would like to buy a book.

How do I reduce Audible storage on my iPhone?

If you have Audiobooks, you can free up space by deleting old audiobooks and changing the settings on your device. You can also reduce Audible storage space by going to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage.

Where are Audible books stored on my phone?

Audiod shows are stored in the Audio shows folder in your phone.

How do I clear storage on Audible?

To delete your Audible books, you need to go to your device’s settings and delete books from it. You can do this by going to your device’s settings and selecting “manage devices.” From there, select the device you want to delete books from and then press the “delete” button.

Do Audible books take up space on iPhone?

No, you can’t listen to audiobooks on your iPhone. They are stored in cloud and can only be played on a special app.

Where are my Audible books stored on my iPhone?

You can find all of your books in the Audible app and can also find all of your books in the iPhone’s built-in Books app. To find your Audible books, open the Audible app and tap Library at the bottom of the screen.

What do I do with finished Audible books?

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can even add a free Amazon e-book through the app to listen to for additional audiobooks.

How do I transfer my Audible books to my new phone?

First, download the Audible app to your new phone. Next, open your Audible app and sign in with the same account you used on your old phone. Finally, select “My Book” from the menu and tap the “Download” button next to the book you want to transfer.

How do I backup my Audible books?

There are a few ways to back up your Audible books. This one starts with turning on your computer. Now, go to “My Library” then under “Downloads,” select the books you want to download. You can also back up your books by burning them to a CD or DVD. To do this, go to “My Library” and select the books you want to burn.

Where do downloaded Audible books go?

Audible Downloadable Books (ADB) are digital audio books that can be downloaded to any portable audio player and enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

How do I store Audible books in iCloud?

To store Audible books in iCloud, open an app and access the “Settings” tab, scroll down and select “Cloud”. Select “iCloud”, enter your Apple ID and password and tap on “Sign In.” Your Audible books will be stored in iCloud.

Does Audible delete books?

The company behind Audible has no ability to remove any books from the Audible catalog. However, companies may request that an individual book be removed from the catalog.

Can you just keep returning Audible books?

Yes you can keep returning Audible books and if you’re not happy with the book, you can return it and get a refund.

Do I get to keep my free Audible books?

But you probably won’t be able to take that free Audible book with you if you travel to France.

What format are Audible books?

If you download them from a non-authorized website, you might encounter audio books that are not in the MP3 format.

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