Do People Know If You Delete Whatsapp?

when you remove the WhatsApp app, messages sent to your account won’t be shown anymore. This is the case when you erase the WhatsApp’s account.

Do people know if you delete WhatsApp?

When you don’t install WhatsApp anymore, but you still want to use it, you will never be notified by the app that somebody send you a message. Previous messages sent to your old WhatsApp number will be still visible on your inbox.

Can you tell if someone has deleted WhatsApp?

You will see their latest profile picture. Send the message and expect it to take 2 minutes. If they receive the message, then their account still exists. Search for them with their phone number, if the account doesn’t appear, then it means that account has been deleted.

What does a person see when you delete WhatsApp?

Users will not know that a message has been deleted because the tooltip for it is at the bottom of the chat.

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