Does Hiding A Message On Groupme Hide It From Everyone?

Yes, to hide a message from everyone you have to add people as hidden participants. The message will not appear in the chat history and people will not see it unless they are added as a hidden participant.

Does hiding a message in GroupMe hide it from everyone?

In other words, hiding a message in GroupMe will not make it disappear from the chat.

How do you hide chats on GroupMe?

To hide a GroupMe chat tap the three dots in the top right corner. Then tap “hide chat”.

What does the hide feature do on GroupMe?

If you think that people you talk to on GroupMe might see what you’re talking about, you can hide messages from other GroupMe users.

Will someone know if I block them on GroupMe?

GroupMe notifies the blocked users when they are blocked from sending messages.

Why can’t I delete messages in GroupMe?

If you delete the entire conversation, all messages in that conversation will be deleted.

Does deleting GroupMe app remove messages?

Yup, deleting GroupMe from your iPhone will remove all messages.

How do you know if someone removed you from GroupMe?

There’s no sure way to know, but at least you can look for messages sent to you on the chat that will tell you if someone removed you.

How do you see if you were removed from a GroupMe?

Although it is not a definitive answer, one way to find out if someone has been removed is to attempt to join their groups, and see if you can join the group. If you cannot, it is likely that you have been removed.

What does a lock on GroupMe mean?

I have a lock on my text messages to make sure no one sees my conversations with my friends.

What does it look like if someone blocked you on GroupMe?

The problem with GroupMe was that blocking users wasn’t allowed. The service was trying to be all things to everyone, but that wasn’t possible. It ended up being very limiting.

Can I delete a message I sent?

You can delete the messages you send. But it may remain on your computer for up to three weeks.

What happens when you end group on GroupMe?

When you end a group on Google Plus, the group itself is deleted and all members are removed. If the group was created by someone else, they will still have access to the history of the group.

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