Does Reddit Delete Inactive Accounts?

Reddit has no rules about inactive accounts. This means that the account will be deleted when the person does not log in for more than a year or so.

Do inactive accounts eventually get deleted?

People that do not use their accounts for a long time or share their account with others won’t be able to use them again.

Does your Reddit account get deleted?

Reddit has many different forums on different topics. If your content is not allowed in a forum, you can no longer publish it.

Does Google delete inactive accounts Reddit?

Google has just deleted inactive accounts after 18 months. When a Google account is closed, all data that is linked to the account will be deleted. This includes data from Gmail, Google+, YouTube, and any other service that might have been synced to the account.

Does Instagram delete inactive accounts Reddit?

To make it easier to manage multiple social media accounts, Instagram includes several features for managing users and their accounts.

What happens to inactive Reddit accounts?

Reddit is a social media platform where you can submit content and upvote or downvote it. It is a place where you can create your own sub-reddits which are communities based on specific topics. You can also login to a user account and deactivate it.

Will Google start deleting inactive accounts?

We doubt that Google deletes inactive accounts when there’s a lot of data to delete.

Does Google close inactive accounts?

Google stops inactive accounts that haven’t been used in more than 18 months to avoid wasting resources.

Can Reddit users see my history?

Only people that have visited your page will be able to see your history and your comments.

Does nuke Reddit history work?

Nuke Reddit history is a browser extension that can be downloaded and installed to erase all traces of your browsing on Reddit. The extension will delete the browsing history and cache on your computer after you visit a website, which will make it impossible for someone to retrieve your browsing history through your computer.You can use Nuke Reddit history if your browser doesn’t support Nuke anything.

How do I get my Reddit account back?

If you can’t login, then your account has been disabled, and your account is no longer accessible online.

What happens to inactive accounts?

They will be sent an email and will be asked to verify their email address to be able to access their account. If they do not respond, the account will be closed.

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