Does Supercell Delete Inactive Accounts?

But they do have the power to terminate your account or delete your comments and other content under the Terms of Service.

Does supercell delete inactive accounts?

Even if you leave out the quotes, the meaning is pretty clear: they can terminate your account if you do something they don’t want you to do.

Can supercell delete your account?

If you have an ID to a game developed by the Finnish firm, you can contact them through the email address that you used to register with your ID at a time when you purchased the game. You must contact them through the chat option on their website to request the deletion of your ID.

How long does it take for supercell to delete your account?

No, the only way to get rid of this information is to revoke your membership. In this step, you need to wait for 14 days after the request is made and you will have the game’s data erased. In this case, you cannot see whether you are a member or not, but you can check the game’s support and get a copy of your data.

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